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10 ways in which your business can benefit from using Dynamics 365

Is your business on the hunt for a new CRM system to help streamline the way that you work? You will often find that some CRM systems are extremely difficult to implement or include features that many small businesses won’t even use.  

If you choose to bring together data and teams, Dynamics 365 / CRM can give your business contact management, an overview of the sales pipeline, reporting and much, much more. The best part of Dynamics 365 / CRM is the fact that it can seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft products that you know and love such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel & Power BI. As well as this, Dynamics 365 / CRM can help to revolutionise your business with its game-changing AI capabilities. 

In our latest blog article, we will provide you with 10 ways in which your business can benefit from using Dynamics 365. 

1 – Build for the future 

Through the use of Dynamics 365/CRM you have the ability to collate all kinds of sales data into easy-to-read CRM dashboards to allow you to get a broader view of your sales pipeline. Ok, great so what is the benefit of this? By having a comprehensive insight into the future, you will be able to react faster to market changes than your competitors. 

2 – Drives efficiency 

Slow and failing projects won’t happen if you are using Dynamics 365/CRM. By having the ability to produce sales forecasts, you will have the data at your fingertips to be able to make faster and more data driven decisions. This will help free up your team to coordinate their efforts on tasks that will help to add value to the business instead of wasting time on repetitive daily tasks. 

3 – Keep data safe & secure 

With Dynamics 365/CRM, you won’t have to worry about data security. Microsoft’s Azure platform can give you the added security of 24 hour/7 day a week support to remove any worries you may have. 

4 – Better organisation of projects 

Having problems managing projects? By having real time data at your fingertips, your team will be able to prioritise urgent and important activities. Furthermore, you will easily be able to allocate tasks to your team as well as see who is on which task of the project. 

5 – Improved sales win rate 

Easily ramp up the speed and success of sales calls with Dynamics 365/CRM. By having customer information in front of you, the system will enable you to allocate customers to the most suited salesperson in your team. You won’t have to put any customers on hold or need to get extra information as your dashboard will have all that information in front of you. Once a call has been completed, you will be able to follow up as well as adding key insights into Dynamics 365/CRM. 

6 – Improved customer retention & customer experience 

Are you wanting to improve your overall customer retention and loyalty? Dynamics 365/CRM can help you achieve this by allowing you to connect with customers at various stages of the sales funnel. Through the use of consistent messaging gleaned from insights, you can easily build up trust and loyalty for your brand. 

7 – Fully scalable as your business grows 

Dynamics 365/CRM has a whole host of different functionalities available, but you don’t have to have use it all at once. You can start with the basics and add extra functionality as your business grows. 

8 – Makes remote working easy 

Given the fact that Dynamics 365/CRM seamlessly integrates with Teams and Outlook, your employees have the ability to be able to work together on projects from any location at any time. As well as this, the dashboards are automatically updated in real time by your user base. 

9 – Great usability & easy implementation 

Given the fact that Dynamics 365/CRM is hosted in the Cloud makes it very simple to use and install. Furthermore, you can also fully integrate it with your existing tools and systems too. 

10 – Gain valuable insights into your customers 

As a comprehensive customer relationship management system, Dynamics 365/CRM can give you extra insights across all sales touchpoints. As well as this, you are able to gain valuable knowledge from sales calls which can help to highlight priorities which enable you to allocate certain tasks to certain agents. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to gain the added benefits of a CRM system such as Dynamics 365/CRM by choosing one of our Quick Start CRM packages or would like to discuss all the different types of Microsoft CRM options that are available then do talk to our CRM experts today

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