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  • Data Migration

    Advantage will work with your business to migrate your data wherever it needs to be delivered to. Furthermore, our migration & integration specialists have the skills & capabilities needed to plan, develop & fine tune strategies around this. 

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What data migration services can Advantage offer your business?

Here at Advantage, we feel that you can never underestimate the importance of planning out a data migration in greater detail else you could be setting yourself up for a fall already. This is one of the main reasons why before we get involved in your strategically planning, we will conduct a data audit to go through all your applications and what data requirements your business has before outlining what data needs to be migrated. 

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Stay in the drivers seat when it comes to data

Here at Advantage, our team of experts will work with your business to review your current dataset to understand what needs to be improved and what gaps need to be filled. We will complete this action by reviewing your data, interpreting it & architecture in addition to guiding you through the migration process. 

The main purpose of analysing your data in such detail is to make sure that: 

  • Our team as well as yours are singing from the same hymn sheet. Evaluating is vital in helping to understand what can & will be migrated from your old system to Dynamics 365. 
  • All the people involved have a firm understanding of the potential complications which will determine the scope of the whole data migration. 
  • All will go according to plan when it comes to the actual transfer of data from your old system to your new one. 

What does a data migration process look like?

Stage 1: Pre-review & complete a checklist 

At Advantage, we will give you a data migration checklist that will enable you to collate core information about your system before we conduct the review & analyse the data seen above. This will make it easier for us to decide which areas are the most important and others which need further analysis. 

Stage 2: Backup & migrate the data 

At this point, we will ask you for a full backup and transfer of the data that will be moved along with specific backup instructions based on your existing system. Furthermore, we will discuss this with you to make sure that you have the most suitable backup solution in place based on your requirements. 

Stage 3: Mapping the data & schedule documents 

This stage will be largely dictated by what was revealed by the review and analysis assessment, from this we will put together the migration and scheduling documents that will be used during the migration of data. It is important to note how vital it is to get this step right. We need to make sure that both ourselves and your team are reading from same song sheet during the whole migration process. 

Stage 4: Migrating the data! 

Last but not least the final stage. After the migration has been tested thoroughly and the data is checked & approved, we migrate your latest data to your Dynamics 365 solution. Once this part of the process has been completed, we will make sure that the migration has been completed successfully as well as being on hand to answer any queries you may have. 

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