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What is a Customer Relationship Management System or CRM?

It is a strategy for managing your interactions with potential and existing customers that also helps you to improve on marketing, sales, service engagement and more.

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What can a Microsoft 365 CRM system do for my business?

Microsoft 365 CRM systems centralise all your data from various sources which allows for easier collaboration between all departments as you spend less time navigating several systems. This gives you more time to focus on your customers and what they are saying.

Having more information on your customers, from their contact details through to their spending habits allows you to give them a more personalised experience when engaging with your business. Watch our short demo below to get a feel for Dynamics 365 CRM.

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"We're extremely happy with the way that Advantage has converted a complicated project into a smooth and seamless implementation of Microsoft Dynamics for our business."

Adrian Sharman, Global Sales Manager at Prior Power Solutions

"We're really happy with the CRM integration via the API that Advantage provided for our business as well as how quickly & efficiently they managed to deliver it on time & within budget. We would have no problem in recommending Advantage to any business looking to streamline the processes in their business."

Faisel Rahman, CEO & Founder at Fair Finance

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