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  • Microsoft Dynamics System Audit

    Need to analyse the overall health and performance of either your Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365 Business Central or Dynamics NAV system? Our Dynamics System Audit will help you to identify how well your system is performing and flag any potential issues that could be impacting on the system. 

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Is your Dynamics solution operating at its full potential?

Does your business use either a Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central system, but has concerns it’s not performing or has some potentially problematic areas? Or are your users having to use heavily manual processes to add data to your system? 

Our Dynamics System Audit is designed to analyse the performance of your current system as well as highlight any potential problem areas or ways that you could potentially improve it over time. We will undertake a full day discovery of your system then we will summarise this and provide you with a list of actionable recommendations. 

This plan will showcase how your existing system is performing, highlight any problems or issues present and how we can resolve them & giving you a strategic view to make sure that your software and connected third party solutions and processes are up to scratch and future proof. 

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Who completes the Dynamics System Audit?

We can guarantee you that this activity won't be completed by our sales team! Rest assured, one of our experienced Dynamics consultants who will know your product inside and out will work with you to gain an understanding of your current system as well as any pain points or issues that you have. 

The time it takes to complete this Dynamics System audit largely depends on how big your system is as well as what other solutions are integrated but typically it usually takes around one working day to finish. Our consultants will then write up their findings and recommendations and will arrange a time and date to go through it all. 

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What does a Dynamics System Audit involve?

Following on from the Covid-19 pandemic, most audits are completed remotely and as stated above usually are done in just a single day but on certain occasions we may need to attend onsite. Our Dynamics consultant assigned to your audit will gauge an understanding of how your business functions and your existing solution.

Followed by gaining an understanding of how the system is currently being used, by shadowing your business processes from the beginning all the way to completion. We spend some of the time looking at how your system is performing and looking to highlight any obvious problems or issues. The last part of the audit will involve our consultant determining whether any of your users require additional training on the system. 

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