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What is Cloud Computing?

The Cloud is arguably one of the biggest technological advances of our era – and it’s been facilitated by the web.  

To give you a more comprehensive explanation, cloud computing is essentially the on-demand delivery of IT resources across the Internet with a pay-as-you-go pricing model. What this means is that you don’t need to have pay to keep and maintain onsite servers as you will be able to access technology services such as storage and databases in the Cloud. Therefore, productivity is now achievable anywhere, anytime and at any place. 

Which is better cloud computing or on-premise?

It goes without saying that most organisations across the UK are still relying heavily on on-premise IT infrastructures which are managed internally. Therefore, if any issues or problems occur, the onus is on the business to resolve them which can make it extremely expensive. Furthermore, if your business grows it can be costly to upscale as you will need to add more servers to your existing set which require more maintenance. 

You may be reluctant to make the move to the Cloud, however the benefits will no doubts outweigh any potential negatives. The thing is with Cloud computing is the fact that you only pay for what you use so this straight away dramatically reduces the costs associated with maintaining servers internally which frees up valuable budget to be used elsewhere. Moreover, altering infrastructure, upscaling resources & adding more services can be achieved quickly. 

Data security is another concern around cloud computing, however as a Microsoft Gold Partner we work with the cloud provider Microsoft Azure who are one of the leading experts in cloud security so you are in safe hands! 

What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?

Competitive Costing

Microsoft can offer substantial discounts to their customers. Azure works on a pay as you go pricing model which cuts upfront costs for small and medium sized businesses. 

Increased Flexibility

Seamlessly make it easy for your staff to access their work remotely and collaborate together no matter where they are located. 

Fully Scalable

You can either look to increase or reduce your cloud capacity as and when your business requires it. 

Transform the way you work

The technology you use to power your business should be helping you succeed, not getting in your way. If you want to transform the way you work and get the most out of your business, get in touch with Advantage today.

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