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  • Disaster Recovery

    You can’t always predict what is going to happen but you can prepare for the future by having a disaster recovery plan in place.

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What is our Disaster Recovery solution?

Let’s start with a typical situation, if you’re heavily reliant on technology, it would be a disaster if you couldn’t connect to your network or infrastructure. 

Another situation could occur which leaves you without the internet or your servers. To give you an example of this, what will happen if you have a major power cut that leaves you unable to access devices, servers and the internet in your office – what would you do? 

This is where our Disaster Recovery solution comes in! Making use of the latest Microsoft Cloud Solutions, our team here at Advantage can easily replicate whole infrastructures or specific servers to the Azure Cloud. What this means is that you immediately have a second site to use in case there is a disaster. 

This can be all up and working in a few minutes and will allow your employees to access their usual IT service from just about anywhere and from any device. 

After the panic is over and your disaster has been resolved, our team will simply roll back the systems to your main site along with any changes you made whilst working on the secondary site. 

How does our Disaster Recovery solution work?

Put simply, our cloud experts will align your systems to replicate to an alternative Azure location. After this process has been completed, this will then only replicate the small changes to the Data Centre at set times throughout the day. At this point, when you need access to this secondary site, we simply put them up so you can easily access them remotely. 

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