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  • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

    Transform the way you process feedback from customer driven surveys to formulate actionable insights with Dynamics 365 Customer Voice. 

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What is Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice enables you to both listen, understand and respond to your existing customers. Encourage your employees to build & maintain customer relationships by regularly assessing the customer satisfaction metrics as well as creating activities based on the insights gained in real-time through the game changer that is Dynamics 365. 

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What are the key features of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice?

The main things that can be achieved by businesses through the use of Dynamics 365 Customer Voice are as follows: 

  • Enabling businesses to collate feedback from customers via a number of different channels with ease. 
  • Bringing together all the requested and unrequested feedback in one place. 
  • Evaluating both structured and unstructured feedback. 
  • Sharing valuable insights across the business and closing the loop with customers. 
  • Taking action immediately based on insights and keeping an eye on progress consistently. 

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