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What is Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV (NAV) is a comprehensive end to end ERP finance solution that is specifically designed for small and medium sized businesses (SME's) to provide them with a greater control and visibility over their accounting, commercials, projects, supply chain and day to day operations.

NAV can be as flexible as is required for your business, as you can start with what you need now and add additional elements as your business demands.

Furthermore, it can be seamlessly integrated with Microsoft products such as Office 365 and other third-party products specific to your industry requirements.

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Key Functions of Dynamics NAV

  • Financial Management and Accounting: Allows you to better manage and control your business finances, which includes your General Ledgers, Payables, Receivables, Cash Flow, Analytical Accounting, Allocations, Banking and Asset Management and more.
  • Manufacturing: Allows you to better manage your manufacturing processes by making sure you have the stock when it is needed with Demand Forecasting, supply planning and more.
  • Project Management: Allows you to easily track projects, costs, create estimates and have the resources to fulfil your customers with Jobs, Time Sheets, Capacity Management and more.
  • Sales & Marketing: Allows you to streamline your sales & marketing processes by making it easy for you to manage your contacts, organise and execute sales & marketing campaigns as well as being able to manage your sales opportunities and automate sales related tasks.
  • Built-In Intelligence and Reporting: Allows you to create insightful charts and reports using the embedded Power BI to help your business to make more informed decisions.
  • Supply Chain Management: Allows you to have a comprehensive real time view of your supply chain activities which will help to ensure your sales and shipments are optimised with Sales Order Management, Inventory Management, Shipping Agents, Warehouse Management and much more.
  • Service Management: Allows you to improve the efficiency of your business through the use of effective contract management and enforcing critical processes which will help to ensure that your service team meet their SLA's.

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Why Microsoft Dynamics NAV?

Streamline your business processes

In NAV, the out-of-the-box Microsoft Excel report templates used for trial balance, cash flow statements and many more helps your business to improve its business processes. In addition to this, your business can now make greater use of Microsoft Cognitive Services for image recognition of both inventory items and contacts.

Improve workforce productivity

Empower your employees with newly, embedded and contextually relevant Power BI reports, improving both your visualisation and visibility within your most highly-used lists in Dynamics NAV. Furthermore, new integrations with Microsoft Flow makes it simpler for your users to automate tasks in the context of their overall experience.

Reduce your implementation and adoption costs

The automated setup guides in NAV can help to simplify the process of setting up Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Furthermore, this process makes it much easier for your business to seamlessly integrate with Dynamics 365 for Sales.  In addition to this, a new user tasks function has been added into the Dynamics NAV software to help improve the productivity of your users.

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Quick Start ERP Solutions

Our Quick Start Dynamics 365 Business Central solution is an encompassing all-in-one business management solution that can help to transform the way your business works. We can get your business up and running in the quickest possible time.

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“Following a demonstration of the solution by Advantage, I was impressed with the functionality available and how cost-effective Microsoft Dynamics is. The Microsoft Dynamics solution has the flexibility, scalability and cost-effectiveness to help us drive operational efficiency within the organisation.”

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