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  • Remote IT Support

    Is your business in need of remote working IT support? If so, you are in luck as we can streamline your operational efficiencies and provide an exceptional service to end users via our remote IT support offering! 

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Is your business in search of a cost-effective & reliable Remote IT Support service?

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Are you worried about what will happen if your remote working employees require IT support? Are you looking for a comprehensive remote IT support package that doesn’t include any call outs? Are you getting fed up of emailing your current IT support help desk and not getting a quick response and experiencing significant downtime? 

Our Remote IT Support package includes:

  • Unlimited calls to our IT support help desk 
  • A dedicated account manager 
  • Comprehensive Tech Audit 
  • Regular Support Service Reports 
  • New User Remote Setup 
  • Advice on new technology 
  • All for a fixed monthly cost 

Here at Advantage, we’ve created a standalone remote IT support package which gives our customers the best full IT support service without the hassle of call outs and face to face interactions at a time when you don’t need it. 

Despite the fact that call outs aren’t included in the overall fixed price, if we do for whatever reason need to make a home visit for repairs then we have this pricing structure in place only if absolutely essential. 

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“I like that I don’t have to stress about any of this ‘IT stuff’ because Christo and the team are always up-to-date with the latest trends and when I need to know something, they let me know well ahead of time.”

Gourmet Candy Company

“the combination of Microsoft technology and Advantage’s know how meant that our business was up and running in a week. This was essential as we needed our COVID 19 tests to be available to the UK market as soon as possible."


“we’ve been working with Christo and the team at Advantage for a number of years and have seen real value being delivered time after time. When it came to cyber security, we had no doubts that Advantage could help."

Gibson Lamb

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