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Frequently Asked Questions and the Answers

What Data Will I Need To Provide?

  • For CRM: You will need to provide us with your Contacts, Leads, Accounts & Opportunities.
  • For ERP: You will need to provide us with your Customers, Vendors (Suppliers) and Bank Accounts.

What Transaction History Is Brought Across From My Old System?


  • General Ledger: Opening Balances for each G/L Account (you can post this by previous months if you wish to provide a little extra for reporting)
  • Sales Ledger: Any open items for the Customer (including original dates/document no’s/due dates)
  • Purchase Ledger: Same as above
  • Bank Accounts: An opening balance plus any unreconciled entries

For CRM: You will need to discuss with Advantage exactly what you wish to bring over to your new system

What If An Area/Module That I Want Isn't Covered In QuickStart?

The idea of QuickStart is to get you going as quickly as possible. Additional consultancy packs can be purchased after go-live to setup/configure/train/support you in this new area.

What industries can Advantage support?

Microsoft Dynamics is super flexible and, as such, can be adapted to work for any industry! We specialise in Professional Services, Financial Services, Logistics & Distribution, Healthcare, Not For Profits & Churches & Religious Institutions & much more – it can work for them all.

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