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  • Microsoft 365 Subscriptions (Formerly Office 365)

    As a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP partner, we supply all Microsoft 365 subscriptions & we can help your business to save up to 15% on Microsoft 365 subscriptions by using us! 

    Save money on your licensing today

What is Microsoft 365?

Put simply, Microsoft 365 is a subscription that comes to include the most collaborative, up-to-date features in one seamless, integrated experience.  

Furthermore, all Microsoft 365 licences include the robust Office Online apps that you’re used to such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel as well as the online collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams, built in security along with a secure cloud storage environment for all your files to be accessed from anywhere and at any time to allow you to easily work from home. 

Why should you buy your Microsoft 365 Subscriptions from Advantage?

As we’ve mentioned above, Advantage are a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP partner who can supply all forms of Microsoft 365 subscriptions to businesses. As such, we have access to significant discounts of up to 15% on Microsoft 365 subscriptions which you can’t get by going to Microsoft directly. 

Furthermore, the benefits don’t stop there, also Advantage are a full managed services provider which means that we can help you with all your related Microsoft 365 needs. Through our services, we can help your business to make the switch to Microsoft 365 as well as helping your business to transfer your Microsoft 365 licences over to us and helping you with the migration to Microsoft 365. 

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