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What is Quick Start Dynamics 365 (CRM)?

Our Quick Start Dynamics 365 CRM gives you a fast and affordable access to a basic Dynamics 365 CRM or an upgrade on your existing CRM. Perfect for small to medium sized businesses, this will provide you with all you need to get started with a new CRM.

A CRM is invaluable to a business as it lets you give better customer service, increase your sales and improve leads. You may think this is only available for large enterprises but we see no reason why SMEs shouldn't get the same benefits.

There's no lack of features with Quick Start Dynamics 365 either - it's not a shrunk down service. You will still get all the great Dynamics 365 features such as lead management, data analysis and sales pipelines.

Why choose Quick Start?

Making the move from old systems to new systems is so important for your business, particularly if you’re moving to the Cloud for the first time as this can be a very labour intensive and time-consuming activity.

It goes without saying that no business wants any downtime whatsoever, which is usually the biggest factor in why it takes time for businesses to sign off on the move in the first place – even if they are struggling with Excel spreadsheets or older systems.

This is exactly why we created Quick Start.

After you have given us all the information needed to get started, we will be able to get your business up & running & fully trained in less than a week!

  • Speedy and efficient implementation reducing the amount of downtime dramatically.
  • You will have your new CRM system up & running in just under a week with the ability to transform your business by improving efficiency and productivity almost immediately.
  • Your business will have a well-rounded and easy to use CRM system that can be scaled up as and when your business grows.
  • We’ll equip you with the core features required with the ability to add additional functionality as and when you need it.
  • A single CRM system will allow you to both control and run your business from one system. No need to integrate into other platforms such as Zoho or Sage CRM as your data will be easily accessible in one place.

How much does Quick Start cost & what is included?

If you are a small to medium sized business looking to get setup on Dynamics 365 with us, we have the following available.


Our Quick Start Dynamics 365 Package

Our Quick Start Dynamics 365 package solution is available from £6 per user per month and can be implemented for just £8,000. This basic package will include the following activities:

  • Authorise Cloud Solution Provider for your business’s Microsoft Cloud Account.
  • Setup sandbox and production environments.
  • Refine your requirements based on answers given in provided questionnaire.
  • Data Import Review: We will provide your business with Excel Templates for Lead, Contact, Account & Opportunity entities for your business to complete.
  • Basic customisation of Leads, Contacts, Accounts and Opportunity entities (maximum of 50 custom fields across all entities).
  • Creation of up to two custom entities if required (maximum of 50 custom fields across all entities).
  • Basic customisation/creation of custom views (maximum of 5 views).
  • Creation of up to two sales dashboards if required.
  • Handover of solution for UAT testing.
  • One round of amendments from UAT testing (within the Quick Start framework).
  • Deliver a basic CRM training session to help your team to get the maximum benefit from Dynamics 365.

Please Note: Quick Start Dynamics 365 may not be suitable for larger deployments or complex data migrations or integrations. If you would like to discuss a more tailored Dynamics 365 package please get in touch with our team today by calling the below number or filling in our contact form .


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How does it all work?

In order to speed up the process, we’ll give you Excel templates to add your information to that will allow us to import your Lead, Contact, Account & Opportunity entities into your new CRM system.

No need to panic as this is just the beginning! Dynamics 365 CRM provides your business with so many opportunities to grow your business.

The best thing about having your new CRM system live is the fact that you can add extra functionality to your CRM system whenever you need it!

What is the process?

Please find below an example of how the days will allocated to the CRM project with each milestone listed:


Data Import

Over the course of this day, we’ll import the data you provided us in our Excel templates.


Dynamics 365 / CRM Training

During this day, we will take you through the first of two sessions on the basics of your new Dynamics 365 / CRM system.



This day will be allocated to testing your new Dynamics 365 / CRM system before launch to see if there are any issues that need ironing out.


Dynamics 365 / CRM Training

This day will be allocated to the final training session on the basics of your new Dynamics 365 / CRM system.


Testing and getting ready for launch

On this day, we will go through the final testing of the new CRM system and sweeping for any snags or bugs as well as getting your system ready to launch.


Launch Date

On this day, we will be launching your new Dynamics 365 / CRM system.

Your Quick Start CRM Week Schedule

Simply select a day to find out what activity we will be doing during your Quick Start CRM implementation week as we look to setup your new CRM system, provide you with basic training so you can use it when launch day comes round!

We’ll import the data to the CRM system using the information you provided in our Excel templates.

We’ll take you through the first training session on the fundamentals of Dynamics 365 / CRM to give you an understanding of the system.

We’ll make sure that your new CRM system has been tested and is configured correctly.

We’ll run through the second session of basic training on Dynamics 365 / CRM to give you a well-rounded understanding of your complete system.
However, if you decide you need additional CRM training, we can offer you a bespoke training session at an additional cost tailored to your specific requirements.

We’ll do a final sweep of testing for your new system before getting it ready to launch.

Do you have any worries or concerns?

If this is the case, please let us put your mind at rest by reviewing some of our answers to the most commonly asked questions.
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