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Dynamics 365 Unified Interface vs Dynamics 365 Legacy Web User Interface

Microsoft revealed earlier in the year that the Dynamics 365 Legacy Web User Interface would be discontinued in December of next year with users still on it urged to make the move to the new Unified Interface as soon as possible.

This poses a number of probing questions for your business:

  • Why should we move to the new Unified Interface?
  • What make it better than the older interface?
  • Does it actually make that much difference?

This is why in our latest blog article we will help to highlight the major improvements that you will be able to see after making the transition and the reasons you should make the move sooner rather than later.

1 – Game Changing Responsive Design

You will find that the new and improved interface is automatically setup to create uniform experiences to allow it to be viewed perfectly on any screen size or device.

Currently, the older interface requires system admins to create and maintain multiple forms that fit all kinds of screen sizes.

Therefore, by moving to the Unified Interface, you will only need to design the forms once as they will automatically adjust to fit any screen or any device.

2 – Embed Power BI Dashboards

Given that reporting forms a major part of our job roles these days, it makes sense to have a much easier way of presenting your data set.

The frustrations with the old Dynamics 365 web interface come when you aren’t able to easily embed Power BI dashboards, which is something that is resolved in the new Unified Interface.

It allows the user to access the full Power BI dashboard from within a Dynamics solution and be able to research and provide data across multiple devices.

3 – Seamlessly use List Views

When you are looking through records within a list view with the new Unified Interface you can use a shortcut to allow you to quickly go to other records without having to navigate away from the record form or having to open multiple windows.

Simply open the record set pane from any active record which will give you a list of the other records within this source view to allow you to navigate across to one of these items.

4 – Easily update the sales process stages

You will see that the new Unified Interface allows you to pin individual process stages, which keeps the details on screen when you are looking through a record.

5 – Easily Customisable Controls

This is an absolute game changer as you can update your Dynamics 365 records on the move through the use of the mobile friendly dials, switches and buttons which you can easily add to opportunities, leads, cases and much, much more.

6 – Timeline Control

You will see that a newly created timeline control will be replacing the Dynamics 365 social pane in the Unified Interface. This is a one stop shop control that allows you to instantly filter any interaction which can include some useful activities such as notes, tasks and attached emails.

If you are looking to start your transition from the old legacy Dynamics 365 interface to the new and improved Dynamics 365 Unified Interface now, please do get in touch with our team of experts who will be more than happy to guide you through the whole process.

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