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Dynamics 365 Partner Checklist: 5 ways to find the right one for ERP solutions

This goes without saying but having the right business management software in place in your business is crucial if you want to remain ahead of the curve in terms of technological advances. For those businesses looking to complete a digital transformation, there are no doubts that Dynamics 365 is the most comprehensive of solutions around to help service that ambition. This is predominately down to the ecosystem present in Dynamics 365 which is made up of various applications that help to support the whole business management information system. 

Therefore, it is so important to pick the right Dynamics 365 partner as it helps to determine certain aspects of this business renewal process. This is largely down to the fact that only a certified company with the right levels of knowledge, expertise & experience can offer the right levels of consultancy, implementation & support services needed to successfully implement a Dynamics 365 solution effectively. 

In our latest blog article, we provide you with a checklist that includes 5 ways to ensure that you pick the right Dynamics 365 partner for ERP solutions. 

1) Microsoft Certification Level 

The first on the list is Microsoft Certification Level. Microsoft is a stickler for this as it has a demanding process of training and evaluation of partners and their professionals. To put this into context for ERP or CRM solutions, partners that have Microsoft Silver or Microsoft Gold partner certification have shown backed up with data that they have valuable experience in selling products in this range and that they have a certain number of trained and certified professionals as required by Microsoft. As a business, you need to consider certifications to be able to gain an understanding of a partner’s capabilities and experience. 

2) Experience & knowledge of specific industries/sectors 

As we all know, the overall business environment is wide reaching and very diverse as each sector/industry has its own identity & specific characteristics. This is why it is so important to find a consultant who knows the type of industry/sector you are operating within. This will make it easier for your business to make faster progress on the project as well as provide you with faster responses on your questions that may crop up during the implementation process. 

3) Ongoing Support 

After a successful Dynamics 365 implementation, the work shouldn’t stop there but extends over time, given that issues may arise in the software from time to time. Therefore, it is important to pick a Dynamics 365 partner that can be on hand in the long term to solve any mishaps by providing ongoing Dynamics 365 Support.  

4) Guaranteed Upgrades 

As we all know when it comes to the digital world, it operates at a rapid rate so one day something is relevant, the next it isn't. The good thing about Microsoft is the fact that it constantly renews itself so it makes sense to ensure that you have a Dynamics 365 partner that is familiar with each new addition that Microsoft adds to that said product. 

5) Customer History – What do others think? 

Last on the list but also one of the most important is finding out what their previous customers think about them. One of the easiest ways of doing this is making an enquiry about the relationship they have established with their previous customers, the level of satisfaction they have achieved, the speed of the solutions & the communication is key. This will help you to establish whether this partner will be good for your business in the long term or if they are not quite right for your business. 

Next Steps 

From the above, you can see that choosing the right Dynamics 365 partner is vital if you are to achieve your long-term business goals. Make sure that you allocate the right time and apply the above logic to make sure that you select the right Dynamics 365 partner that adapts to the needs and requirements of your new business management system. 

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