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Microsoft launches lucrative offer for Dynamics 365 Sales & Customer Service Professional Licences

Microsoft have recently revealed that as of August 2020 for a limited time, it will be allowing customers to activate new Dynamics 365 Sales Professional & Customer Service Professional licences completely FREE for the first four months, subject to an annual agreement.  

How do I qualify for this offer?  

Microsoft have revealed that this amazing offer will be available to the following types of customer:  

  • Any new customers to Microsoft  
  • An existing customer that does not have an active or recently cancelled subscription (within the last 30 days) for either Dynamics 365 Sales Professional or Customer Service Professional  

Are there any limitations on this offer?  

No, the offer is not limited to a certain minimum or maximum number of licence purchases. All of those customers that meet the above criteria will be given a 100% discount on the first four months of their annual agreement for as many licences as they need.  

Furthermore, this offer will be open for a limited time, however, all new subscriptions will have to be activated before the end of June 2021 to qualify.

What happens after the promotion expires on the licences I have purchased?  

Once the FREE licensing period has expired four months after the subscription start date, it will revert back to the full licence price that was shown on the August 2020 catalogue rate for Dynamics 365 Sales Professional (£49 per user / month) and Customer Service Professional (£37.70 per user / per month). The full licence price will be applicable for month five right through to the end of the 12 month agreement. 

Is this offer available on your Quick Start Dynamics 365 / CRM package? 

Yes with this offer Microsoft have tried to reduce the upfront cost of implementing Dynamics 365 in the Cloud so if you are looking to implement a brand new CRM for the first time then this offer is a no brainer. This essentially means that you can save even more money on top of the money that you are already saving by signing up for our Quick Start Dynamics 365 / CRM package

Next Steps? 

If you are looking to take advantage of the above offer from Microsoft then please get in touch with our team of CRM experts today to discuss your specific requirements and the savings you can achieve as part of our Quick Start Dynamics 365 / CRM package

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