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Brace yourself for the incoming Dynamics 365 Team Member Licensing Changes

Back in October 2018, Microsoft revealed its plan for a new Dynamics 365 Team Member SKU which included a number of radical changes from its launch SKU. Some of the most radical changes made by Microsoft were removing the create/update/delete usage rights for Account records and putting a restriction on these rights to include a maximum of 15 custom entities.  

Since these changes were announced Microsoft hasn’t really enforced them obusinesses, however this looks to set to change after Microsoft said it would be introducing new Team Member App modules. As part of its latest round of April updates, Microsoft stated that it would be adding new Unified Interface modules for the following: 

  • Sales Team Member 
  • Customer Service Team Member 
  • Project Resource Hub 

This will have general availability from the beginning of the April at which point Microsoft have revealed that they will enforce the new Team Members SKU via these app modules. 

What this means is that users who are licensed on the new Team Members SKU will no longer be able to access existing apps including Sales Hub, Customer Service Hub or custom apps. 

So how will this impact on those Existing Team Members Users? 

Microsoft has previously stated that those customers with users currently on the older Team Member SKU who are due to renew after 30th June 2020 will need to renew on the new SKU. 

Recently, Microsoft has changed this timeline by stating that in the cases where all existing customer instances impacted by this change as well as those users given the new Team Members SKU since 1st October 2018 will be given more of a grace period which would continue until 30th June 2020. 

This will provide the relevant administrators in businesses more time to be able to test out the new Team Member apps and where appropriate take the necessary steps before the new licensing is enforced from June 30th via the newly created Unified Interface. 

In the cases where new organisation instances have been provisioned or created after April 1st will automatically have the new Team Member licence enforced. 

Team Member Telemetry 

Microsoft have also revealed that new reports will be accessible by system admins from within the Power Platform admin centre (Go to Analytics > Common Data Service > Non conformant usage by users with Team Member licence to view the report) that is where you can view the Team Member usage. This will allow you to see the cases where the usage is out of compliance with the Team Member use rights enabling action to be taken before the introduction of the technical enforcement. 

Trying out the Team Member Apps 

You will see that the new Team Member app modules are now available to view in preview mode prior to the Wave 1 2020 Release which will allow your admin team to test and validate these apps prior to the release in April. 

When using the newly released Team Member security roles that are included with these apps, admins will need to review the following: 

  • Compliance Checking 
  • Identify potential usage gaps 
  • Review continued licensing needs. 

For this part of the process you will need to upgrade your existing licence to a Dynamics 365 Cloud based one! 

Next Steps? 

If you have any questions or queries regarding your Team Member licensing then get in touch with our Dynamics 365 experts today who will be able to audit your existing Dynamics 365 licensing and make sure that you have the correct licensing ready for either April or June. 

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