Microsoft Dynamics for Professional Services

As a professional services company ourselves, we fully understand the need to maintain and deliver a high level of customer service to clients and deliver projects on time and on budget. To do this, you need to ensure that you have the right Microsoft Business solutions in place to be able to deliver this over and over again.

Find out how Advantage can help you to deliver exceptional customer service
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What challenges are facing the Professional Services sector?

No matter what professional services you provide, being able to build & maintain customer relationships, deliver projects on time & within budget & effectively allocate the right resources, at the right time, are some of the biggest challenges you may face.  

Also being able to combat external issues such as global business expansion, capturing and retaining top talent amongst changing workforce dynamics, adaption to new legislations as globalisation increases & collaborating efficiently with remote workers provides a significant challenge for the sector.

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How can Advantage help you overcome your challenges?

Through the combination of Microsoft Dynamic’s Integrated 365 Applications and our experience with working with over 70 professional services customers on projects we can help your business to improve the overall management and control of your projects and service engagements.

Furthermore, our solutions will also allow your business to have a single view of your business data which will enable you to keep on top of your projects and overall profitability through the use of real time intelligence.


  • Improve Time & Budget Management

    Make use of real-time metrics to help you manage multiple objectives. Make timely & strategic decisions to prepare for change, maintain competitiveness & improve overall profitability.

  • Improve the overall customer experience

    Deliver exceptional customer service through a consistent and logical experience that provides your customers with the consistency and visibility they need across multiple channels.

  • Greater visibility over your business

    Easily identify areas for development, growth and where you can make savings by having a comprehensive overview of your business at your fingertips on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Deliver exceptional customer service every time

Our Professional Services experts will be able to provide you with a tailored Microsoft Business solution that not only meets your specific industry requirements but empowers you with the tools & technology to be able to deliver the best service, in the most cost-effective way. Why not get started today by giving us a call?

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