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What to look for when comparing Microsoft CRM options?

As mentioned above, we’ve got 3 options available at Advantage. The first one is designed for those that are currently using Dynamics 365 Business Central and want to add some CRM functionality to their software. The second and third one are different licensing options available for Dynamics 365 Sales which is Microsoft’s premier CRM solution. 

Business Central: Relationship Management


Business Central is Microsoft’s premier ERP solution aimed at the SME market. It has been created to help businesses to manage their finances and operations with a basic CRM to track pre-sales. 

This solution is designed to improve the production of accurate finances. 

Quick Start Business Central from just £7,500 + £1,999 for Business Central Relationship Management or sold separately

Why would you choose this? 

If you are looking to change software purely to better manage your finances and operations but you need basic CRM functionality such as tracking & reviewing contacts and opportunities. 

Also, if you don’t need to integrate it with Office 365 and you don’t require more advanced CRM functionality in the long term. 

Sales Enterprise


Sales Enterprise is the more comprehensive CRM offering from Microsoft. Giving you all the features and Office 365 collaboration that you had with Sales Professional but with the added extras of having the ability to customise processes and entities to allow you to tailor your CRM system. 

Furthermore, it provides much more comprehensive sales features as business units, sales goals and much, much more. 

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Why would you choose this? 

The main justifications for considering a new CRM system would be to build a solution that meets all your business requirements without question. In addition to improving sales processes, you’d want to build custom entities to have a better overview of your data that is needed for your industry or sector. 

Again, you may not need this straight away but further down the line you may look at other applications such as Customer Service, Project Operations and much, much more. 

What is the difference in functionality between the above Microsoft CRM Options?


Business Central: Managing Relationships 

Sales Professional 

Sales Enterprise 





Contact Management 

Customer & Vendor Contacts Only 



Account Management 

Customer & Vendor Contacts Only 



Lead Management 




Opportunity Management 




Pipeline Tracking 




Production Management 

Yes (Additional Module needed) 



Price Lists 

Yes (Additional Module needed) 



Task/Activity Management 




Contact & Account History 




Marketing Lists 




Sales Cycles & Stages 




Sales Campaigns 




Sales Goals 




Territory Management 








Product Families & Relationships 




Competitor Tracking 




Sales Teams 




Sales Playbooks 








Embedded Intelligence 




Business Units 




Integration with Office 365 




Email Tracking 








Task Tracking 




Standard Power BI App available 








License Needed 

D365 Business Central Essentials 

D365 Sales Professional or D365 Sales Enterprise Attach 

D365 Sales Enterprise or Sales Enterprise Attach 

Team Member License Available 




More Storage Space Per User 



  250MB Database + 2 GB File Capacity 

PowerApps Entitlement 




Implementation Costs 

£1,999 as part of new or existing BC implementation 

£8,000 as part of Quick Start CRM implementation 

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