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How to reverse a General Ledger entry in Dynamics NAV

If you’ve incorrectly posted a General Ledger entry in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, then this short blog post from our support team will help.

The first thing you need to do is identify which General Ledger entry needs to be reversed. You can do this from the General Ledger Entries Window.

Once you’ve identified the General Ledger to be reversed, click on Functions >> Reverse Transaction. You use the Reverse Transaction Entries window to reverse (undo) mistaken postings that you have made in a journal. You cannot change the information in the fields on the line, except for the Description field, if relevant.

When reversing, the program creates and posts one correcting entry (an entry identical to the original entry but with opposite sign in the amount field) for each of the lines shown in the window. To cancel the reversal, simply close the window.

Note: You can reverse entries generated from a general journal line or entries derived from a previous reversal.

The program CANNOT reverse:

  • Bank account ledger entries that are closed or linked to a check ledger entry.
  • VAT ledger entries that are closed.
  • Journal ledger entries from an unbalanced transaction.
  • Fixed assets ledger entries where the fixed assets are sold.
  • Fixed assets ledger entries, if the reversal results in a negative book value.
  • Entries that have been date compressed

If you would like to find more about the steps outlined above or have any further questions regarding reversing General Ledger entries in Dynamics NAV then please get in touch with Advantage today.