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  • Migrating from Dynamics GP to Business Central

    Upgrade your existing Dynamics GP solution to a cloud-based ERP solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central that will enable you to better manage your finances as well as the operational side of your business. 

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Why should you migrate from Dynamics GP to Business Central?

Reason 1: Cut Costs – You will dramatically reduce infrastructure costs by cutting the costs associated with the maintaining of servers. Even better, you can purchase Business Central licenses for as little as £6 per user per month. 

Reason 2: Streamline Remote Working – Enable your employees to work from home by giving them access to data from wherever they are located. Dedicated disaster recovery and advanced security in place can ease your worries. 

Reason 3: Drive extra value with new functionality – Take advantage of the new features & functionality contained in Business Central such as AI and cash-flow management. Automate repetitive tasks and create workflows to enable you to accelerate your overall efficiency. 

Why not make the move to Business Central today?

How do we migrate you from Dynamics GP to Business Central?

Here at Advantage, we use a configuring first approach to migration which allows you to comprehend the main benefits that will be achieved from the ERP and technology that you have decided to implement, in the vast majority of cases, this will remove the requirement to make customisations to your new system. It doesn’t matter whether your data is on-premise, stored in the Cloud or contained within a legacy database – our team of leading consultants will be on hand to help you map your data from your old ERP to your new one. We have created this migration process to make it much simpler & easier to get up and running quickly. 

We make use of the following steps during the migration process: 

Step 1: Evaluate your existing GP solution 

Step 2: Test/Migration 

Step 3: Training and testing 

Step 4: Initiating the migration 

Step 5: Continue to provide ongoing support for your business 

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How does GP compare with Business Central?

To provide you with the comprehensive benefits you can gain from migrating to Business Central from Dynamics GP, we’ve done a like for like comparison below: 


Dynamics GP 

Business Central 



Cloud (no requirement to maintain servers) 

Implementation Costs 

Starts from £5,400 as well as licensing costs of £414 per user per month 

Starts from £6,000 with a basic license starting from just £6 per user per month 

Ongoing Costs 

Higher initial investment with higher ongoing costs for support.   

Much lower cost of ongoing usage & support.   

Audit trails 

No, but there are third party products to help you complete this task. 


CRM functionality included 



Accessible across all devices 



Office Integration 

Basic integration 

Advanced integration 

Why should your business choose Business Central?

The great thing about Business Central is that it enables your business to work from the Cloud which gives you the capability to operate your whole business from just one solution. If you have found that your business has outgrown your existing ERP software or are using a legacy ERP system, Business Central is the perfect choice as it allows you to have a better understanding of your business, make better choices & accelerate your business growth. 

Here are some additional benefits that be achieved by moving to Business Central: 

Increase productivity & improve collaboration 

Business Central fully integrates with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) which makes it easier for you to increase productivity & improve collaboration across your business. 


Business Central is a low code based solution that is completely scalable as your business grows. You can control costs by reducing the licenses required where needed.  

Make better decisions 

By using AI you can learn more about your data such as new opportunities or current trends allowing you to make better decisions when required. 

Dynamics GP to Business Central Migration package

Upgrade your existing Dynamics GP solution to a cloud-based ERP solution, Dynamics 365 Business Central that will enable you to better manage your finances as well as the operational side of your business.  

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