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How to check your work in Dynamics NAV before posting

See the effect of what you are about to post before posting.

Dynamics NAV 2016 has a great new feature which allows you to check every individual entry that will be created by posting a document, before you actually post it. This will allow you to identify any issues before you have actually posted the document, and should mean you avoid having to do correcting journals afterward.

This feature is available across all sales and purchase documents, as well as within journals. Let’s look at this via a General Journal.

Once your journal is populated, select the “Preview Posting” option from the “Home” tab of the ribbon.

This will open the following window showing you the types, and number of entries that will be created for each type if you posted this journal:

To review the entries that would be created, select any line, and then select the “Show Related Entries” option from the ribbon.

This will open a window that will show each entry that will be created, of this type when you post the journal. I have selected the G/L Entry line, and the 20 entries that will be created when I post the journal are now shown in preview form. I can check these, and make any corrections to the journal if I notice something out of place before posting.