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Which Dynamics 365 Sales version is the best fit for your business?

If your business has been hard at work putting in the research for ERP solutions, Dynamics 365 has almost certainly made your shortlist of options. However, did you know that Microsoft can offer so much more than just ERP? 

As well as being able to meet all the finance requirements of your business, Dynamics 365 can also provide you with Sales/CRM functionality that you should consider in your research as part of a fully comprehensive and well-rounded Dynamics 365 solution. 

Picking the best Dynamics 365 system for both ERP and CRM 

When your business started, you made use of what you could to get the job done. You were heavily reliant on emails and Excel and a basic level sales solution. As your business grows, you will need these business process tools to be much more sophisticated. At this point, your business needs to take this opportunity to upgrade to a comprehensive solution that is perfectly suited to the demands of your sales team. 

You will have found that about a decade ago, Microsoft decided to push solution selling and the software showcased today has come about as part of that strategy. Microsoft has taken onboard the feedback given by its customers, grasped their requirements and provided 4 different options when it comes to sales: Professional, Enterprise, Premium and Relationship Insights. 

You will find that each solution helps to resolve different issues/problems. From the assessments below, you will be able to determine which sales solution is right for your business. 

Dynamics 365 Sales Professional 

This is the perfect solution for those businesses that require simple and effective sales process functionality. Furthermore, the solution will also help you when it comes to managing leads and opportunities as well as giving you the basic functionality of products, price lists, quotes, order and invoice workflows. 

This type of solution is ideal for those businesses that are not looking to make changes or adjustments to the out-of-the-box software. The good thing about Sales Professional is the fact that it doesn’t need loads of project setup but still gives fantastic sales functionality. Small and medium-sized businesses or those with limited requirements would benefit greatly from using this specific solution. 

Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise 

Sales Enterprise has everything used in Sales Professional plus a much more customisable system and more advanced sales tools. Some of these tools come to include sales goals, forecast management, customised tables, views and much, much more.  

This solution is perfect for those businesses that have an established sales team already. Furthermore, it is a good option for those businesses that are looking to take advantage of ongoing feature enhancements. The good thing about this is the fact that Microsoft is constantly releasing new features as and when customers request them. 

Dynamics 365 Sales Premium 

You will find that Sales Premium adds to the features already available in Sales Enterprise but customers also have the option of adding artificial intelligence features. AI can then be used for forecasting, pipeline and product analysis as well as helping to simplify data collection and maximising the value of data outputs. 

Businesses that seek to make use of the power of AI to become part of their overall sales strategy will love to have this as part of their solution. 

Dynamics 365 Relationship Sales 

Microsoft Relationship Sales provides all the features of Sales Enterprise along with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help businesses to develop their connections as well as to build relationships. Better still, it also gives your sales team more LinkedIn capabilities for improved lead generation. 

  • How do you determine which Dynamics 365 Sales option is the right fit for your business? 
  • The best thing you can do to help guide your decision is to answer the following questions: 
  • Why does your business need a new sales management solution? 
  • What features do you need it to have? 
  • What is the timescale for implementation? Do you want it up and running quickly, want low implementation costs, something that is easy to use, enhanced feature development or a combination of all of them? 
  • Who will be managing the software project? 
  • Is your business still in the research stage of your journey? 
  • Does your business have to upgrade before the next round of licensing renews on your current solution? 
  • Is there any time available for your team to help provide a business processes education to a partner? 
  • How much time per week can your team dedicate to the implementation of a sales solution? 

Get in touch with a Microsoft Gold partner such as ourselves for all your Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM requirements 

It goes without saying but you have many options to choose from when it comes to sales solutions to help meet your sales team’s needs. This is where Microsoft can come in to help your business via Advantage where we can offer your business a Quick Start Microsoft CRM package to get you up & running fast! 

The best thing to do first is to research thoroughly. After this has been completed, you will be able to take the next step by giving Advantage a call who can give you a demonstration of the software in action and what it can do for your business.  

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