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What is the best strategy for selecting the right Dynamics 365 Support partner for your business?

The Dynamics 365 suite of applications are always evolving and helping businesses to bring data together, simplify processes and provide users with the ability to make decisions based on data. 

Navigating the tricky and often complicated world of the Microsoft Cloud ecosystem can often cause you many a headache. No matter which Dynamics 365 module you are using in your business, Microsoft is constantly rolling out regular updates twice a year in many cases. 

Being able to find the right level of expertise can help to make sure you are ahead of the game in this regard. You will find that the best Dynamics 365 partners will be able to assist you with more than just the implementation of a system but helping you to take your system to the next level in terms of usage and experience. 

Put simply, this is where support partners are vital for your business. Here at Advantage, our dedicated team of support experts are on hand to help your business to quickly identify problems, resolve any faults or bugs and stop those problems occurring again. 

Taking this a step further, the best support partners will offer much more helpful guidance and advice when things go wrong. In order to build a successful system for your business needs carefully planned actions. If you don’t optimise an ERP/CRM system from the outset it will not only cause you problems further down the line but also result in inefficiency, frustration and manual processes continuing. 

So, what is the best strategy for picking the right Dynamics 365 support partner, I hear you ask? We’ve got 5 things to look out for to help you make the right choice. 

1 – How do they support your business once the implementation has been completed? 

Granted, having a partner that can provide break-fix support is crucial in giving you that extra reassurance as part of their ongoing support but what else can they do for your business? 

As part of our approach, Advantage are also in regular communications with our customers. This usually takes the form of regular catch-up calls with one of our designated Account Managers for that account. This will help them to grasp a full understanding of the way in which your business uses Microsoft Dynamics. Having this understanding will help to support your business as well as identifying opportunities to improve your system as well as being on hand to give practical advice. 

2 – Do they know how the Microsoft ecosystem works? 

When deciding on your next Dynamics 365 partner, you need to determine how well they know the system and extra Microsoft tech. 

Microsoft gives badges to partners based on certain criteria that they meet to gain them. 

Microsoft Gold partner badges are given to partners that have shown competency in certain product areas and commitment as this status needs a certain number of team members to keep up to date with the latest Microsoft certified exams. 

Advantage have been a Microsoft Gold level partner since 2007. 

3 – What does the partner specialise in? 

Does the partner largely work on fast implementation projects, long, more complicated projects or focus on a specific sector or industry? 

Searching for a partner that meets your specific business requirements is crucial; each implementation option needs a different skillset. Even though a partner may try to deliver the project, they may not have the knowledge or know how to complete it on time and within your budget. 

Advantage can offer the following options: 

4 – How good is the partner’s communication outside of support calls? 

If you didn’t have any problems or issues would your partner still keep in touch with you? Irregular communications can make it harder to build up a relationship with a partner that is reactive rather than proactive. How will the latest product news or updates be delivered to you? 

The team at Advantage regularly sends out information, news & views that covers all Microsoft solutions that we implement and support which includes links to blog posts, upcoming training & partner webinar dates, upcoming Microsoft updates and much more. We also regularly update our Twitter and LinkedIn profiles with lots of information. 

5 – How does their track record stack up? 

Reviewing previous projects and their existing set of customers can help you to gain an understanding of their experience. Did their service work for other businesses? Were similar businesses satisfied with the overall experience with this partner?  

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that has read the above article and are looking to move your Dynamics Support over to us or would like to discuss an upcoming business project then give our team of Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts a call today to discuss how we can help your business.  

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