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Microsoft expands CRM functionality with Viva Sales

Microsoft has recently announced that it has now officially launched a new seller experience app called Viva Sales to improve the overall functionality of its Microsoft Dynamics 365 / CRM solution. 

So, what is Viva Sales? 

You will find that Viva Sales is a better way of selling to customers. As it will form part of the CRM functionality going forwards, Viva Sales will make it easier for salespeople to focus on selling whilst at the same time improving the overall CRM system. Just take one second to think about all the customer and deal insights that are in Microsoft Outlook, Teams as well as in Office 365 applications but are never added into the CRM. Gleaning these insights is almost impossible as all this data has to be added manually. 

By making improvements to the CRM system through customer engagement data coming from Microsoft 365 and Teams alongside AI, Viva Sales helps your sales team to be better connected with their customers which enables more personalisation around customer engagements and the ability to bring in deals quicker.  
How does this happen, I hear you ask?  
It is achieved using a customer tagging feature which automates data capture, saves the sales team valuable time & paints a more accurate picture of both deals and customer status across the business. Given that AI is present throughout, Viva Sales acts as a sales coach to progress deals quickly as well as providing recommendations and reminders. Better still, this extra layer of intelligence gives sellers the information they require at their fingertips to ensure they can be more productive. 

The important thing to note is the fact that selling isn’t about learning a new system. All it is about is bringing information the seller needs when they need it, in the right context, into the tools they use daily so they can streamline their work. Viva Sales goes one step further than Microsoft Viva which was launched last year, which enables an integrated employee experience that can help all the users in your business through their journey. Viva collates communications, knowledge, learning, goals as well as insights to allow all users and teams to improve productivity. This goes beyond this with Viva Sales which is designed with the purpose of meeting the requirements of the sellers in your business. 

When will Viva Sales be released? 

Microsoft has stated that it plans to launch Viva Sales in the last quarter of the year. They have also made it clear that Dynamics 365 Sales in addition to other CRM systems will seamlessly integrate with it. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to take your Dynamics 365 Sales CRM system to the next level through Viva Sales or looking to get extra CRM support around your CRM then give our CRM experts a call now. 

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