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Business is growing. Your customer base is increasing. You want to target those new customers and turn them into brand loyal users. But where do you start? How do you target the right people at the right time? If you are not sure where to turn when it comes to your CRM, then our Dynamics CRM Support is for you.

We adapt to your business and requirements, so your business is not just a number in a queue. With a dedicated account manager, added training and competitive SLA, we will support you all the way. No question is a pointless question, we will answer all questions, from day to day issues to upgrades. We will be here to help you with our flexible support packages.

Our Flexible MS Dynamics CRM Support Packages 

Designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses, our Dynamics Support packages can be tailored to your specific needs and are calculated based on the parameters that add to the complexity of your Microsoft Dynamics setup. To give you an example of this, it can be calculated on the number of employees supported, the number of third party add-ons as well as the level of customisation of the Dynamics platform implemented. 

Here at Advantage, we provide five Microsoft Dynamics ongoing support packages to meet the needs of a whole variety of clients. All of our support packages include dedicated consultancy time, administration of users, bi-annual reviews & resolution of broken functionality. 

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Are you ready to switch Microsoft Dynamics CRM support partner?

Relationships, unfortunately, breakdown. You and your business needn’t stay in an unhappy relationship should issues arise. Microsoft will process a partner transfer at any point should there be no on-going commercial dispute.

As with most contracts a notice period does apply. If you are planning on switching partners, you need to give your current partner at least 90 days’ notice prior your renewal date.

For more information on switching partners and getting the very best in Microsoft CRM support, contact our CRM experts today.

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