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How to use marketing automation to promote your brand messaging

Following on from our previous blogs where we talked about how marketing automation can transform your marketing activities and how it can be used to improve your lead nurturing, we look at how marketing automation can be used to deliver your brand messaging.

Being able to create a brand message that is memorable for your audience is the key to being able to succeed in the long term. Once you have this brand message, what can you do to get your brand message out there and deliver the best possible value for your company?

Not sure what the answer is?

Well your answer could be found in marketing automation.

Promoting your brand message through targeted, engaging interactions

There are a number of different marketing automation platforms such as Dynamics 365 for Marketing and ClickDimensions that can allow a business to actively engage with leads over the course of the whole customer journey. Out of all the features, the most beneficial for your business is the ability to engage in real time and with highly targeted messaging.

With detailed analytics and real-time data, these platforms can provide you with the perfect way to promote your brand messaging with an approach that allows you to connect with the leads and prospects that you are engaging with.

Having this option to engage with your customers on a personal level and being able to do it in real time helps to make sure that leads are consistently aware and fully engaged with your brand messaging.

The connection that you build with your leads goes far beyond just personalising their customer journey, it also plays a pivotal role in helping to increase the chances of them being loyal to your brand in the long term.

This simple yet effective feature with marketing automation software allows you to promote your brand message in a number of different ways:

  • Allows you to engage with your audience on a more personal standing
  • Continually reiterates your brand message to your leads
  • Increases the chances of building loyalty, which in the long term will lead to higher customer retention rates

How marketing automation can help you create and deliver targeted, real-time messaging

Marketing automation software such as Dynamics 365 for Marketing and ClickDimensions provides you with the capability of email marketing, allowing you to present and deliver highly targeted and timely content to both your leads and your existing customers. Through both generating and analysing data from within your marketing lists and third-party applications, marketing automation platforms allow you to tailor your message to suit the needs of that particular individual.

In addition to this, you are easily able to carry out A/B tests for campaigns, review real-time reports and continue to branch out your different segmentation lists that can increase the chances of your campaigns succeeding. It goes without saying that if you can gather and analyse behaviour data, it will make it easier for you to segment your data, helping to improve your overall open and click through rates.

How to use marketing automation to improve your brand awareness

To be able to truly promote your brand message, it’s pivotal that you have an overall strategy in place to allow you to cultivate and refine brand awareness. One of the most crucial parts of the process in bringing more awareness to your brand is via your customer touchpoints.

The biggest problems that many businesses face is the fact that they want to build a customer journey from an internal point of view rather than focusing their efforts on delivering exactly what the customer wants, to allow them to engage with the brand.

Sometimes the above cannot be helped as many businesses often lack the customer data to allow them to build up a mapped journey taking into the account the customer’s point of view. The good thing is that the combination of marketing automation and email marketing addresses this problem.

Given how many different tools and data sets that are available, your business can begin to develop a better understanding of your customer journey based on actual customer data rather than fiction. Put it this way, what could be a more effective way of promoting your brand message than by increasing the conversion rate of your customer journey?

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