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Why can social marketing be the filling to your marketing strategy sandwich?

This may not come as a surprise but over half of the world is actively using some form of social media on a daily basis. However, for many businesses, their use of this channel is somewhat limited to just brand related posts. The main issues with this are the fact that a one-way channel of communication removes the opportunity to build meaningful engagement with your customers through a two-channel of communication. 

This is why, in this blog article, we will outline 4 such things that you need to take into account when formulating your social media strategy. 

1) Social media is often referred to as a great driver of both engagement and lead generation. This statement is backed up by the latest Gartner CMO spend survey which states that the budgets associated with paid social media advertising and organic social media have significantly increased to top the overall marketing spend across marketing channels. Granted, LinkedIn often proves popular for B2B businesses, however there are often extremely strong business cases built for using other platforms as well. Establishing an overall understanding of your buyer persona is vital, as a content strategy dedicated to just 2 to 3 social media platforms that your customers use the most can often lead to favourable results. 

2) The 80/20 rule originally started in Italy back in the early 20th century links to economics largely, however, does have some relevance when it comes to creating your overall social content strategy. This helps to nullify the point that social calendars require significant amounts of primary content, which can often cause many a headache for marketing teams. It is suggested by different experts that around 80% of your social posts should be the resharing of materials and thoughts of third-party websites with the other 20% focusing on promoting your brand and blog posts. 

3) Better still, social can be a much easier marketing channel to forgive in the form of production value. This is often the case during live video, which on the whole generates an additional 24x more engagement and comments than highly edited and professional video clips. No matter what the production value is be sure to not let your video go on for more than 5 minutes as your audience interest levels may dwindle after that. 

4) You won’t be too surprised to learn that social channels are often perfect for demonstrating how a business lives up to its core values and statements. To put this into context in the form of an example, posts created by your workers at a charity event help to add some authenticity to the way in which your business operates and gives an indication of the overall corporate culture in your business. Furthermore, given how competitive the job market is, social media can often provide real value when it comes to recruiting new employees as well. 

Next Steps? 

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