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How can you streamline the marketing in your business?

When it comes to marketing, being able to cover all elements of the marketing mix can often prove troublesome. Being able to keep all actions going is often very difficult to achieve for the modern marketer. This is where implementing a multi-channel marketing program can be a real gamechanger for businesses who are looking to increase their engagement with both prospects and customers, no matter where they are in the buying process and via whichever channel suits them best. 

So, what sort of system can help service this ambition? 

The answer is simple, ClickDimensions is a marketing automation solution that provides email marketing, web intelligence, lead scoring, campaign automation functionality to your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 or CRM solution.  Furthermore, it can help to support several options that enables your business to streamline time-consuming and repetitive marketing activities. Three of the most useful ones are found below: 

Campaign Automation 

This is where the magic of any marketing automation platform happens. You will find that most businesses have a standard set of activities that are used when it comes to welcoming and onboarding customers. To put this into context in the form of an example, an automation can be configured to orchestrate a series of actions such as sending the welcome email, creating a new contact for a specific marketing list, sending out a notification to the account manager to schedule the intake call or other more informed workflows. Having these actions able to run in the background will give you extra time to add value to your business in other ways. 

Events that manage themselves 

No matter whether the event takes place online or in-person, automating both the pre- and post-event communications will allow your business to provide a consistent, timely message that will be delivered at each stage of the process. By having the capability to automate the whole invitation process, easily add contact data from each new registrant into CRM or even sending out a few timely reminders as the event draws closer will save your business valuable time in the process. It is also a great bonus to be able to have event data inside your CRM so no need for manual data entry. 

List management made easy 

It goes without saying but the uploading, importing and exporting of lists are tasks that eat up the most time and can often be very frustrating for marketers. However, if you are able to use CRM data to add a touch of personalisation to your communications without having to move huge contact lists or having to segment your data set to be able to target a specific audience it can be a real game changer. 

Next Steps? 

If you are looking to streamline the marketing in your business through the use of Click Dimensions within your existing Dynamics 365/ CRM system then please give our team of CRM experts a call today to discuss how we can help you transform the way you market to your customers. 

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