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How to determine whether or not marketing automation is right for your business

There are no doubts that marketing automation can be a game changer for some businesses but it is also important to note that marketing automation might not necessarily be the right fit for all businesses. As has been mentioned in some of our earlier blog articles around the topic, marketing automation platforms come to include a whole host of different marketing tools for your team. It is safe to say that some businesses will greatly benefit from both adopting and implementing these tools, however in certain cases some other businesses might be better off with just an email marketing solution. 

So how can you determine whether or not marketing automation is right for your business? You are in luck as if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the below questions, marketing automation might well suit your business and may be worth considering even further: 

1) Does your sales team often complain about the lack of or quality of leads that your marketing team is generating for them? 

2) Do you have a whole host of content marketing pieces that you could use to be able to nurture leads? 

3) Are you looking to improve the overall efficiency of your marketing efforts? 

4) Does your business have a long customer buying cycle? 

5) Is your marketing team under resourced and finding it tricky to achieve their goals with the existing constraints in place? 

6) Are you unhappy with the results delivered by your email marketing efforts? 

7) As a marketing team are you feeling under the thumb when it comes to contributing more to the overall pipeline and revenue? 

8) Do you need to separate out your customers and prospects so that you are able to add better personalisations for each audience? 

9) Would you like to experiment with new and improved marketing tools? 

10) Are your internal stakeholders keen to invest in new and leading marketing technologies? 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business & keen to explore marketing automation solutions more or if you would like to discuss any of your requirements in greater detail then be sure to call our team of marketing automation experts who are on hand to recommend the best solution based on your specific requirements. 

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