Click Dimensions

By using a marketing automation solution your business is able to generate and qualify high-quality leads whilst providing sales with the ability to streamline the best leads and opportunities. 

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What is Click Dimensions? 

Click Dimensions is a marketing automation solution that provides email marketing, web intelligence, lead scoring, campaign automation functionality to your existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 or CRM solution.  

Furthermore, it allows your business to easily determine who is interested in your products, quantify their interest and take the most appropriate actions. 


  • Easy-To-Use Marketing Solution 

    Ideal for creating emails and template design to constructing web forms and advanced web analytics.

  • Built into Dynamics 365/CRM 

    Built into your existing Dynamics 365 or CRM solution which removes the need for advanced user adoption.

  • Easily Access Data Within Your CRM 

    All data and features can be easily accessed from within your current Dynamics 365 or CRM solution.

Improve the efficiency of your current marketing activities

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