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How to use Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to convert data into useful Business Intelligence

Bring together all your different data sources to enable you to extract useful insights using Dynamics 365 Customer insights. 

It goes without saying but having accurate and meaningful data is the heartbeat of your business. The challenge comes when you need to bring together data to enable useful insights to be extracted. Through the use of Dynamics 365 customer insights you are able to bring together all this information into a single customer view. 

How hard is it to manage customer data in your business? 

When we speak to businesses, one of the common themes that we encounter is having underused customer data. It comes as no surprise that businesses all have a whole host of data sources and data needs. If your information is being pulled into the business through a number of different avenues such as sales, marketing – it can often be cut off from the other parts of the business or difficult to bring together. This means that your business may have the right data but it is not very visible. 

On the other hand, sometimes collated data can be problematic for businesses. If not organised into a logical structure, vast quantities of data can be often difficult to interpret and manage. With these volumes of data it can also be problematic to extract useful insights from and can often be very labour intensive. If you find that your data in almost unusable, it means that vital trends and KPIs are missed. 

After this, when making use of data, businesses must also take into account both security and compliance. Furthermore, when you are using this data to extract valuable insights, businesses need to have a comprehensive understanding of GDPR and have the right protective measures in place to make sure that all data movement and storage is both secure and compliant. 

The most important part is the fact that data needs to be accurate, organised, useful as well as secure. In order to meet the challenges of data management, businesses need to have one central place where it can bring together different datasets to allow them to build smart reports. 

Collate your customer data 

One of the best ways for businesses to collate their customer data is through the use of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights is a state-of-the-art Customer Data Platform (CDP) created to give users the information and advice they require to give their customers only the very best service.   

The solution will allow you to complete the following actions: 

  • Bring together both transactional, behavioural and demographic data in real-time 
  • Provide you with 360-degree customer profiles along with detailed insights 
  • Forecast what your customer needs will be with AI or custom models 

Furthermore, you will find that Customer Insights makes use of AI and machine-learning to collate data from various sources and convert it into useful reports which can be available to your business on a daily basis. 

Through the mass collation of data from all your data sources, including those that don’t fall within your Dynamics solution, Customer Insights can help to ensure that your business has complete visibility over all your customer interactions. 

Have complete visibility with a 360-degree customer view 

If your business makes use of the audience insights tool in Customer Insights, you will find that you can easily create a single view of each individual customer your business has. Better still, you can add other useful snippets of information such as average spend. By bringing together all your data sources, the solution will make it easier for you to easily identify and segment high spending customers, information which can easily be shared across both your sales and marketing departments. Taking this one step further, you also have the capability to augment customer sentiment and survey responses through the use of Customer Voice into customer profiles, allowing you to gain an even more comprehensive understanding of each customer.  

By using these highly detailed customer profiles, your business can focus its efforts on areas which require attention and accelerate marketing and sales strategies based on this information. Customer Insights can help to backup the different departments of your business by providing highly informative information at the right time. 

Extract the real value from both your data and insights 

It is important not to underestimate the value of using customer data. Most businesses that make the most out of their customer behaviour data to gain insights can outperform other businesses by up to 85% in sales growth. It shouldn’t be overlooked that insights can give you a better idea of your customers and enable you to drive better more personalised and engaging experiences. 

You will be aware as a business that exceptional customer experiences are very important for consumers when looking to buy a product/service and for building loyalty and association with a business. This is backed up by a study from PWC which found that 65% of people in the UK rated customer experience as crucial when it came to purchasing. It comes as no surprise that these figures showcase the value of spending money on both creating and providing a good customer experience. 

Convert your customer data into business intelligence 

In the modern business world, businesses are realising the positive return on investment that good customer service can provide and are therefore bringing forward their investment in customer experiences. For those businesses that aren’t currently doing this, will not be surprised to learn that they are falling behind as a result.  

If you are a business that is looking to find out more about how Dynamics 365 Customer insights can help your business to transform the way you work then please get in touch with our team of experts today to discuss your specific needs.  

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