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How to select a suitable marketing automation solution to work with Dynamics 365 Sales

With more and more businesses starting the journey towards a full digital transformation, this has led to more considering the use of marketing automation tools to work with their current Microsoft CRM. The next question that needs to be asked is how do you select the right one to work for your business? This is where our latest blog article can help you with this decision. 

Before we delve into this topic more, let’s quickly discuss exactly why your business should consider using a marketing automation tool? 

Let’s start with a measured statistic, did you know that over 63% of businesses that use some form of marketing automation are outgrowing their competitors? The whole purpose of marketing automation is to enable businesses to both attract and nurture leads and customers. The growing use of the internet and social media has led to a shift in the way that we purchase things, meaning that businesses have had to change their way of marketing. Taking this one step further, the buyers are now in the power position meaning that they expect to get personalised communications from brands, this is where marketing automation can help to achieve this. 

Do you know who ClickDimensions are? 

If you didn’t already know, ClickDimensions is a marketing automation solution built specifically for use with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales. Thus, making ClickDimensions the only marketing automation organisation which has a firm commitment to the Microsoft Dynamics brand. Therefore, if you already have Dynamics 365 Sales you don’t need to worry about any integration or data synchronisation costs as all your marketing campaigns along with leads are in one place. 

As to be expected, ClickDimensions’ marketing automation solution comes equipped with the latest marketing tools such as email marketing, campaign automation, surveys, web forms, social marketing and more to help you to engage with leads, win more business and form better relationships with your customers.  

Never underestimate the importance of data analytics 

It is important to understand that a marketing automation tool goes far beyond marketing as it can also help provide important reporting capabilities which will enable your business to make better decisions across departments. Better still, ClickDimensions can help your business to collate all data in one place, so you can easily assess how well your marketing campaigns are doing and how they are impacting on your bottom line as well as reviewing KPIs in a marketing dashboard. 

Through the use of marketing dashboards, you can easily access, analyse and take action based on campaign and channel data. Furthermore, dashboards can help to reduce the burdens associated with integrating data and spreadsheets, by enabling you to have a complete oversight on what campaigns are working and those that aren’t. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is currently using Dynamics 365 Sales and are wanting to explore all the tailored marketing automation options that are available such as through ClickDimensions then please contact our experts today to learn more. 

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