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Changing the game of your business with Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence

The shift towards the digital space and rapid growth has helped to transform internal business processes such as sales. Therefore, it has become of the utmost importance for sales managers and team leaders to embrace and implement new technologies and systems to continue to keep up with the ever-changing trends of the market. 

It goes without saying but one of the most important elements in the whole roadmap journey to sales success is excellent communication. In order to maintain a consistent flow of interactions with clients, manual processes of carrying out duties need to be replaced with more automated and intelligence-based methods through software such as Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence. 

So, for those that don’t know, what is Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence? 

Put simply, Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence takes the power of Microsoft Azure AI to convert call recording data into actionable insights determined by the content of the phone call. This means that all salespeople in your business will be able to get insights and actionable tasks following conversations with customers. 

As we all know, time is always against us as are the pressures of having to deliver with excessive time being allocated to recording notes from calls with customers. This problem is resolved with Call Intelligence as users can easily record conversations automatically as well as key elements being highlighted for future reference. 

Through the use of AI, Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence summarises calls as well as customer details to provide detailed data analysis as well as guides to decision making. 

In addition to this, Call Intelligence also provides the next steps, detects relevant notes, outlines important keywords, competitors, people, pricing as well as enabling users to add comments to these transcripts. 

Ok, great now we know what it is, how does it work? 

The way in which it works is the fact that you can pick to have Microsoft record and store calls in your own system before uploading them to Azure. After this has been completed, the configuration will be needed to upload call recordings from your phone system as wav/mp3 files along with an accompanying file containing data about the call such as the origin and destination of the call & the date and time. 

Fantastic, we know what it is and how it works but what comes with it? 

You will find that a portal for sales managers is provided so after your data has been added to Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence, Azure AI will be used to transcribe and then analyse the call which will enable you to glean some of the following insights: 

  • Mentioned competitors 
  • Salespeople who receive the highest and lowest sentiment 
  • Listening vs talking time 
  • Average talking speed by salesperson 

From this, the data can then be combined with your sales data through the use of Power BI to give you game changing reports to outline the correlations between call intelligence data and sales. 

I am happy with all of the above, how do I get started? 

The good news for you is the fact that Call Intelligence now comes as part of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and Premium licenses, the implementation is also very fast. After this has been implemented, this tool will allow your sales team to reduce the time spent taking notes and scheduling follow-up meetings to spend added time on the most important sales tasks as well as customer interactions. 

So, what are the core benefits of using Call Intelligence? 

Streamlined processes 

By removing long-winded and complex processes around sales calls, sellers will have more time to focus on other high value tasks enabling productivity & efficiency to be increased. 

Reliable insights 

Being able to gather sales insights is vital for being able to track opportunities. Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence helps with this process as it aids sales executives to identify both new leads and opportunities based on certain customer requirements and behaviours. This activity can be completed by analysing the information gathered via the AI dashboard. 

Improved accuracy 

Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence allows sales leaders to simply and accurately record information taken from calls with clients. These records make it easy to reference which will help to increase competitive revenues and results. 

Streamlined communication 

One of the biggest headaches for sales teams is having tiresome client calls. Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence simplifies this process with easy conversations automatically transcribing and highlighting key details. This makes all communications between the different parties much more streamlined. As well as this, sales teams will be able to build up personalised information with customers. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is using Dynamics 365 / CRM already or keen to get a CRM implemented quickly through our Quick Start CRM offering to allow you to take advantage of Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence then please get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your specific business requirements. 

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