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5 ways that Dynamics 365 can help to solve your sales headaches

If you didn’t know this already, the traditional way of selling is on its way out with this approach being replaced by more agile ways of handling sales projects. With the sales processes much quicker than ever before, AI focused software such as Dynamics 365 Sales have been created for the sole purpose of addressing sales related headaches that are common in most businesses. 

In our latest blog article, we will provide you with 5 ways that Dynamics 365 can help to solve your sales headaches.  

Before, we delve into these 5 ways, what is Dynamics 365 Sales? 

Dynamics 365 Sales empowers salespeople to forge strong relationships with their customers, take actions based on accurate data & win business quicker.  

Furthermore, you can use Dynamics 365 Sales to regularly review your accounts and contacts, nurture your sales from lead right through to order as well as the ability to create sales collateral. 

Now, we know what Dynamics 365 Sales is, let’s take a look at some of the main sales headaches and ways that Dynamics 365 can help. 

A complete lack of any form of automation 

Many of your sales teams get frustrated with delays in customer follow-ups. Engaging with your clients could be improved through the use of a CRM system that can easily automate follow-ups with customers through a whole host of different channels. You will find that the sales accelerator feature within Dynamics 365 Sales with pre-defined actions (sequences) can then be added to specific records via segmentation. This means that any potential prospects can be guided through specific buyer journeys relevant to them. 

The sequences are pivotal in helping to define the overall customer buying process.  

Reviewing data 

Another headache for sales is the fact that they get swamped with data from complex databases which makes it tricky for appraisals. Being able to understand sales data is vital in becoming successful. This is where Microsoft Power BI can come in as it’s an effective tool from Microsoft that enables vast quantities of data to be simplified into visual representations such as charts and diagrams. Better still, through the ‘Q and A’ feature, you can be asked specific questions about the data in real time. This evaluation of data helps to improve accuracy and allows for much more accurate predictions to be made. 

Low accuracy in forecasting 

Fast changes in sales pipelines can make it difficult for your sales team to keep up with forecasting. As well as this, some may have problems tweaking pipelines and drilling down into forecasts. In order to plot this with greater accuracy, Dynamics 365 Sales has a built-in tool designed to optimise forecasts and trends within the spectrum. A full and comprehensive breakdown of the pipeline with quotes can be easily viewed by each user for efficiency. This feature makes use of the AI model within it. From this, more accurate sales predictions can be established for certain periods such as weekly, monthly etc. In addition to this, the tool can help to make adjustments when revenue changes without impacting on workflow thus solving this sales headache. 

Ineffective note taking 

Most of the time both your sales team and managers will be under the cosh to take countless notes following meetings with customers. Given how little time they have, the quality of such notes can be extremely poor, which will be next to little use later in time. The vast quantities of time used to record and refine notes following a call is not a good use of time for sales teams. Furthermore, it may be the case that vital keywords and actions gleaned from meetings might be missed out altogether. Through the use of Dynamics 365 Sales employees will have AI features at their fingertips such as Dynamics 365 Call Intelligence to solve these headaches. 

By using Call Intelligence, calls that are made in accordance with the software are automatically transcribed in real time through the use of Azure Cognitive Services to listen to the whole conversation that has taken place. You will notice that that the speech is turned into text, which makes it much easier to refer to as notes. Better still, you will also have access to the audio file should you need it. This will help to ensure that key pointers contained within the conversation aren’t missed which will no doubts help you to add value. As well as this, key action points and highlights can be identified on the platform to make it much easier to follow up with the client. 

Ability to prioritise  

Being able to rank and put tasks into some form of order within sales environments is another headache for sales teams. Knowing when and what to channel efforts into is a process that can prove troublesome. Added to which, another skill which often falls by the wayside is the ability to pick out factors that are likely to impact on a deal being made. You will notice that the CRM comes equipped with two tools: the Lead and Opportunity scoring models. This is based on an AI model of Dynamics 365 Sales where templates can be customised to help with predicting the probability of a lead going to an opportunity and from this becoming a sale. You will find that these insights are great in aiding sales teams to priortise tasks whilst at the same time improving their relationships with clients. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is interested in implementing Dynamics 365 Sales or are looking for something a little quicker through our dedicated Quick Start CRM packages then please give our team of CRM specialists a call today to discuss how we can help your business. 

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