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How to use Blanket Orders in Dynamics NAV

If you are a regular user of Dynamics NAV and are in the business of processing sales orders at various points throughout the month, there may be occasions where you may need to manually use Blanket Orders in Dynamics NAV for specific customers.

Essentially, blanket orders provide us with the ability to create a sales order and then ship and invoice the customer over time. This can be effectively used when specific customers need substantial quantities of a particular product over a period of time.

In our latest tips and tricks article, we will show you how to manually use Blanket Orders within your Dynamics NAV solution. This can be done by using the following steps:

Step 1: Login into your NAV solution, then navigate your way to Blanket Order List through CRONUS UK Ltd.>Departments>Sales & Marketing>Order Processing>Blanket Sales Orders

Step 2: Once here, select the ‘New’ button to create a new blanket order.

New button in Dynamics NAV

Step 3: Complete the appropriate fields and add the customer who you wish to sell to. You will notice that the fields will then populate as you would normally see in a sales order.

Creating a blanket sales order in Dynamics NAV

Step 4: Once you have completed the above, you will then need to create sales lines.

Step 5: Define that quantities you would like to ship. Once you have done this, select the ‘Make Order’ button on the main ribbon.

Make order button in Dynamics NAV

Step 6: After this has been processed, an information message box will appear telling you which sales order has been created for this Blanket Order. 

Sales order notification message in Dynamics NAV

Step 7: All that is left to do now is to process the newly created sales order in the way you would do it usually.

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