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How to increase employee collaboration & productivity with Dynamics 365

With more and more small and medium sized businesses making the switch to the Gig Economy way of working, it has become even more commonplace for employees to dictate which systems are used by employers rather than the other way round. This is why getting employees to use the tools you want them to use is an extremely difficult and often daunting task. This is where Dynamics 365 can help your business as it allows you to involve employees and provide them with a fully engaged and motivating working environment for them to flourish...

Harness the Power of Transparency

The majority of employees like to have a say in decisions that could impact on their lives and Microsoft Dynamics 365 can deliver on this, as Dynamics 365 makes it easy for employers to involve their staff in the decision-making process. This will help to not only motivate your employees but to also empower them to give feedback, outline intentions and encourage them to knowledge share. This will make sure that your employees feel part of a collaborative organisation, where both their feedback and ideas are valued by their employers.

Challenging Common Perceptions

To be able to fully initiate change, it needs to come from the top down, so not only must key decision makers make use of the best software available, they also have to live and breathe it too. As people, we all look to those in the decision-making positions to outline their expectations, so as a business you need to ensure these people lead by example and encourage such behaviours to flow throughout the business.

On the other side of the coin, just because this is the path you have chosen, it doesn’t always mean that it is right. This is where listening to feedback from all your employees in your business is pivotal in ensuring the right decisions are made. Encourage your employees to find new and innovative ways of working as it could benefit everyone in your business.

Embrace Flexible Working

The best thing about working with a cloud-based system like Dynamics 365 is that it provides a greater flexibility in that your employees are able to work from anywhere, with the shift towards the gig economy as mentioned above. Also, even better than this, most employees will be able to bring their own device (BYOD) rather than using the laptops supplied by your own IT team.

Feedback is Key

A key characteristic about Dynamics 365 is the fact that it has collaboration at its core with every app focusing on improving transparency, efficiency and the comms within a business. According to INC, 90% of leaders believe that cloud-based collaboration has the potential to improve business processes.

Dynamics 365 shouldn’t just be installed and left to its own devices. It can offer so much that managers should look to leverage value to inspire engagement within their teams, as well as being able to focus on ways in which the system can help to improve the workplace.

The Game Changing Dynamics 365 Difference

As a cloud-based solution, Dynamics 365 has been moulded into a solution that has productivity, efficiency and collaboration at the heart of its foundations. By harnessing its power, you will see marked improvements in your overall ROI but in order to see this you will need to get buy-in from both your employees, as well as other stakeholders in the business.

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