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The benefits of the new Unified Interface for CRM

Unified Interface is the new metadata driven client interface designed to provide a consistent experience across devices and form factors. It is about providing a consistent, uniform user interface across browser, tablet or phone so users can perform their needed tasks without confusion whilst using other devices for their CRM needs. 


Examples of this include:

  • Similar form experiences when updating and viewing your records.
  • Interactive dashboards app devices to view your information and drill into it.
  • Reference Panel is now available to be used with all entities supported in Unified Interface
  • Right to left (RTL) languages supported.
  • All experiences on Unified Interface have accessibility improvements.

A lot of core functionalities of sales and customer service for Dynamics 365 have move to the Unified Interface client.

Users are able to access all the system and user dashboards from within your Unified Interface apps. The interactive dashboards have now become available for all record types with rich interactive dashboard capabilities all across the board.

Enhanced Dashboards and Charts


Key record types like Activities, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities and Cases can be moved to the Unified Interface client. This allows for a centralised place to view all of your key information.


Some of these features include:

Timeline Control – The timeline view helps you collaborate with your team by tracking customer communication in a record on a single page for centralised view. Your view includes posts, emails, voice attachments, notes and provides a quick way to view the entire communication thread.

Business process enhancement – The business process flow has been improved by the docking mechanism. You can dock the business process stage on your screen to help you stay focused on the task at hand in your business process flow. This is an especially useful enhancement for the stage when the process has complex steps to complete.

Reference panel – Users can use the reference panel for apps built on Unifieid Interface like Dynamics 365 for Customer Service. The reference panel is a useful tool to get work done without clicking away from the screen you are on. Users can also look up other things like knowledge-based articles within the context of the records you are viewing.

Navigation – The new menu options allows users to swiftly navigate the different apps in the system providing quick access to recently viewed records and pinned favourites.

Reflow – The app also allows for scales by reflowing the components on the screen. The responsive design adapts to your environment based on screen size, this allows the users to have more available space for more information can be displayed.



Choice while provisioning

Unified Interface apps


Sales Hub

Customer service

Customer Service Hub

Field Service

Field Resource Hub

Project Service Automation

Project Resource Hub


Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps Hub


All the above except Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement apps Hub


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