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5 Ways To Utilise CRM For Professional Services

There is a range of Microsoft Dynamics product that any company can choose from to markedly improve their efficiency and transform their business. However, the real magic comes when these software’s are modified for a specific organisation or utilised in an industry when the products features can really improve a day to day component for the company and its users.  Here we look at one such example where we explore ways CRM can be used to benefit professional service companies.

1. Improve Customer Service

For professional services the detail you have on your clients is a very important aspect needed in order to provide the best possible customer service. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can log detailed information on a client via an account. Within this account a user of CRM can include the details of specific calls, meetings or communications as well as assign tasks to contacts within the organisation. This means that not that only can you track your what your customer needs from you but implement tasks and have a complete view of the relationship so far.

2. Retain and Identify Your Most Profitable Clients

Inevitably, strong customer service can lead to a higher level of client retention. In professional services, companies are only as good as the work they produce and the business they can retain. A strong CRM system also allows you to see how each account is performing and to assign the actual products or pipeline for each company, this allows your professional services company to view your most profitable clients along with your most popular products and when they where bought.

3. Targeted Marketing Activities

Marketing activity is crucial to upselling to your clients and creating extra opportunities where possible. With the power of CRM you are able utilise the data to create smart lists for a specific target audience. Want to send an email to all your clients that have a renewal date for your service coming up within the next 6 months and are based in London? You can do that with the segmented lists on Microsoft Dynamics CRM ensuring that you marketing activities are timely, targeted and you can reach key decision makers at an crucial time.   

4.Increase Your Employee Productivity

Having a central area to collate all your data allows for more productive employees. Placing all your actions, tasks, communications and account information in one place allows your team to have an overview of a company as well as enables your workforce to prioritise work accordingly. Assign tasks directly to a team member to let them know something is due for some of your most important high revenue clients. 

5. Real-time data and Information

A CRM system can only be as good as the data you collate and put into your system.  However, having this data at your finger tips allows you the opportunity to update records instantly as you are on site or with a client giving complete visibility to the rest of your team. Update your records as crucial changes occur to accounts instantly to ensure that the entire workforce can see how things are progressing. The wealth of data that can be stored on a CRM also gives professional service companies an opportunity to make sure that projects are running on time.  The more data and detail you can store on your clients, the more a professional services company can succeed and make strategic decisions.


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