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Did you get a CRM from Christmas?

A very happy new year to all of our followers and readers. What did Santa leave you under the tree for Christmas? Was it a CRM by any chance? If not – you should definitely treat yourself to one this year.

2017 is the year of Dynamics 365. Dynamics CRM has been phased out and re-packaged as Dynamics 365 for sales and marketing. The new product retains all the previous functionality of Dynamics CRM and adds some unique features.

It’ll make a load of difference to your business this year.

Why will it make a difference to my business in 2017?

It’s become very difficult for any sort of business to function without some sort of CRM. And that’s why market research specialists Gartner, have predicted the value of the CRM industry to grow to $36.5 billion in 2017. CRM powers up your business with tools to make it easier to work with, attract and understand your customers.

Why is CRM so important?

Because it’ll add structure and help shape and streamline your business:

  • It improves your business processess – CRM centralises and digitises all of your data. Yourself, your team and others will all share the same system, instead of navigating multiple systems. All your customer information will be in one place, so you’ll improve overall organisational efficiency
  • You’ll know more about your customers –  CRM systems collect a vast amount of information. Data such as spending habits, contact details and preferred methods of communication. This data can be fed into sophisticated analytics, allowing for data to be interrogated and represented a bunch of different ways. You’ll understand how your customers think, helping to increases your sales and customer retention
  • Personalisation, personalisation, personalisation ! – Yes, personalisation was a big thing in 2016 and this is set to continue this year. A CRM enabled business will be able to utilise data gained from customers to forge a personalised customer experience. Complex decisions tree can be utilised in sophisticated email marketing campaigns making sure your customers get the content they need to aid conversion.
  • And it makes marketing and selling more effective – From data capture to email campaigns in Click Dimensions and intelligent lead management, CRM really makes your marketing simple. From hot prospects to happy customers, CRM streamlines your sales process. It enables you to engage, nurture and build strong relationships with your customers.

But CRM costs an absolute fortune!

Aha – that’s where you’re wrong. Dynamics 365 is sold as subscription based SaaS. There’s no need for an expensive licence, hardware or software. You simply pay for as many users as you need. And because it’s all hosted in the cloud, you only pay a fraction of the cost of an on premise solution!

I didn’t get a CRM for Christmas, but I want one now!

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