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How to select the right IT support provider

Is your business on the lookout for an IT company to take care of your IT management, maintenance and cybersecurity? 

If the answer to the above question is yes, you deserve to know that not all IT support providers are created equal. 

Furthermore, you will find that there a number of different IT support models and service delivery strategies that are put into place by many business technology professionals today. 

1) The You Break It, We’ll Fix IT Model 

This is the standard, traditional model whereby a computer repair team simply comes in to fix a problem after you have reported it. 

2) The Retainer Model 

In this case, you simply outsource your IT for a standard monthly fee, on the off chance that you require their help over the course of the month. Usually contained within this fee is the number of IT support hours that are available to your business as part of it. 

3) The Blocked Hours Model 

This model enables you to purchase IT support hours in advance at a reduced rate and use them in a certain time period. 

4) The Managed IT Services Model 

This model forms part of a more proactive, subscription-based IT support offering that is very much different from the other models described above. Through this model, a Managed IT Services company is employed to stop IT incidents happening rather than waiting for them to happen before responding. This more focused approach helps to ensure that a high level of security is maintained at all times and the uptime is the highest it can be for your business. 

Given the models outlined above, it can be possible to combine some of the different types of models if required to be able to meet the IT needs of individual businesses. 

After discussing the different types of IT support models available in the market, let’s take a look at some of the things you will need from a potential IT support partner. 

The Indications That You’ve Discovered The Best IT Support Partner 

1) They fully comprehend the ins and outs of how your business operates and how the technology you use supports your processes. 

2) They use a straightforward pricing structure that can be easily budgeted for and easily predicted. 

3) They employ IT staff that have a wide range of experience and IT skills

4) They have a dedicated IT support person on hand to answer your calls

5) You are able to receive a fast response to your email queries. 

6) They are dedicated to providing you with technologies that can help improve the efficiency in your business as well as provide you with a competitive advantage

7) They have enough resources meaning you won’t be left in limbo when their staff go on holiday. 

8) They have plans in place to stop you becoming a victim of cybercrime and downtime. 

Given what we’ve identified above, there is something that we haven’t mentioned as of yet? 


It is important to note that price is not the best indicator for deciding whether the IT support team you’re looking at is right for your business or not. 

Furthermore, a cheap price doesn’t always determine whether or not they will do a good job as the same can be said about a high price doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a great service either. 

This is why you should be looking for VALUE instead 

Do they offer a proactive approach for maintenance & security protocols? 

Do they have a proven track record for being able to resolve IT issues fast? 

Are they able to partner up with you to plan for the future? 

From the above, this is exactly the IT team that you will be able to trust with your vital IT systems! 

Next Steps? 

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