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What are the main benefits of outsourcing your IT Support?

As a result of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses have made the decision to work from home on a more permanent basis. Furthermore, many businesses have been looking at ways of reducing costs with one of those ways being to outsource IT support instead of having an in-house team. 

Why the sudden change? 

There are a number of reasons why businesses have decided to consider outsourcing IT to a third party: 

  • The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic 
  • The salaries of an in-house IT team are expensive 
  • Technology is constantly evolving 
  • IT support is not the core part of most businesses 

The reasons outlined above only provide us with half the picture of why businesses are looking at outsourcing their IT support. To give us the full picture, we are going to take you through the main benefits that businesses are looking to gain from making the transition from an in-house IT team to outsourcing IT. 

A Cost-Effective Format 

Given the fact that most IT services firms (usually known as MSPs or Managed Service Providers) take care of the IT needs of hundreds of individual companies, they can easily spread the cost of tools and allocate relevant resources across their whole client base. This allows Managed Service Providers an economy of scale that cannot be matched in an internal IT department. 

By choosing to work with a third party IT support supplier, you will quite quickly see that the cost of IT management and maintenance are dramatically reduced as a result of the MSPs business model. 

A Dedicated Team of IT Experts 

When your business recruits an internal IT employee, you will be picking up just the IT skills that the individual has and nothing more. However, given the ever-changing nature of business technology, your business will require additional IT skills in order to meet the overall business objectives. 

Choosing to work with an IT services company will provide you with access to a whole set of IT skills and specialisms as well as their experience. 

An Easy To Manage Budgeted Cost Model 

You will find that most finance officers in businesses are attracted to the Managed IT services model when it comes to IT support as it is based on a paid subscription which is generally paid on a monthly basis so is easy to take into account. Therefore, by choosing to outsource your IT support, you will be able to reduce your IT support expenditures to just one single monthly payment. 

A Dynamic Approach 

You will find that outsourcing IT companies are at their best when they keep your IT systems running securely and without any problems. The main purpose of a managed service provider is to keep your IT running at full capacity by being proactive when it comes to management and maintenance so they don’t need to waste hours responding to IT issues that could have been prevented in the first place. 

This is where the benefit of this approach to IT support bears fruit as this will mean you will receive virtually zero downtime. 

Top-Level Business Technology Consultancy 

It goes without saying that you will hear many leaders across different sectors and industries asking the same question over and over again “what can new and emerging technology do for my business?” 

This is actually quite a good question and those that outsource their IT support are able to find the answers to this question much quicker. 

Why is that the case? 

This is usually the case as many internal IT employees are focused on their daily tasks so don’t have time to consider the bigger picture. 

Furthermore, the experience that Managed Service providers gain by working with different businesses across multiple sectors and industries is the fact they know exactly what technologies to recommend to improve the overall processes within your business. 

Next Steps? 

Are you looking to find out more about outsourcing your IT support to Advantage? Then why not get in touch with our team of IT experts who are standing by to discuss your specific IT requirements?