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Become more collaborative: Microsoft Teams adoption to rise

Due to the rapid technological breakthroughs across the world there has been a major shift towards more collaborative working. With many of the workforce experiencing the benefits of remote working as many companies shift toward embracing the Gig economy.  

Microsoft Teams is anticipating a growth of up to 41% professional expecting their employer to use the tool by 2020, compared to the figures of around 21% at the moment. Microsoft Teams is a free tool with Office 365 which includes a variety of features such as group chats, web conferencing, notes sharing and location sharing.  

Microsoft Teams is currently the second most popular business chat application just behind Skype for Business. A study has shown that 901 IT professionals found that 70% of large businesses, 61% of medium-sized and 58% of small firms are using apps that allow for wider collaboration across different department and teams.  

The emergence of these technologies enabling your company to be more flexible is especially important for those on the frontline of customer relations such as sales, customer service or project management. These collaborations boast the overall productivity of teams, especially when implemented in key areas that require top-level management decisions. 

Studies show that when sales and marketing teams work together, companies see 36% higher customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates. However, in less collaborative business environments where there is misalignment between sales and marketing it will cost B2B companies 10% of their revenue or more per year. These are stark figures to consider and are a small indication of how powerful properly leveraging digital collaborative tools can be in affecting the top line profitability of a business and its overall success.  

Expect this to be a continued trend for many businesses as they adopt a more agile approach to managing their workforce in order to increase morale and also develop more streamlined and efficient processes for their teams. It may be time to ask yourself, is my team collaborating as we as we can be or are we leaving a massive chunk of potential revenue on the table?  

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