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Microsoft Teams rolls out making background effects persistent change

Following a number of requests from users to make background effects persistent across all Teams meetings, Microsoft revealed that this change had been implemented in a recent update for the Teams User Voice request for a default background for meetings with Microsoft’s Alex Olsen stating that “I’m happy to share that the default background feature is live. The background you choose will now persist in all of your meetings and calls, until you decide to change it.” 

This announcement was somewhat unexpected, however for many Teams users this will prove extremely useful. Furthermore, Microsoft revealed that this latest change will be available across Office 365 for all desktop clients who are on the latest version of Office 365.  

Persistent Backgrounds 

Microsoft’s recent change means that after you select a background effect in a Teams meeting, Microsoft Teams will automatically keep an eye on the chosen background and apply it to all your future Teams meetings until you change it. To test whether this feature is working, setup a meeting with video and see if it uses the last selected background image that you chose! 

It goes without saying that if you switch off your video in a meeting, the effect will no longer appear. The same will apply if you switch on your video, the effect will return. However, it is important to note that a tenant can’t set this feature as a default for all users. 

To ensure that you have this new feature, you will need to make sure that you have the latest version of Teams on your desktop/laptop. 

Next Steps? 

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