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3 examples of how you can transform the way you work with Teams & Power Automate

As we already know, Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool in making it easy for people to keep in contact with core functionality such as chat, meetings and calls, however the question is often posed by many users as to whether it can help to transform the way that we work. 

The answer to the question is a resounding yes! Teams combined with Microsoft Power Automate can help to streamline how you and your team work no matter what function of the business you operate in. 

Microsoft Power Automate is a cloud-based application in Office 365 that allows you to create automated workflows for your whole team through the use of logic-based building blocks, starting the process with a trigger that enables the actions to begin. Furthermore, the new and improved “for a selected message” trigger is helping steer us towards more efficient and effective business processes, starting from a simple message within Microsoft Teams. 

To put this into context, in our latest blog article, we will provide you with 3 examples of how you can transform the way you work with Microsoft Teams & Power Automate 

Example 1 for Sales Teams: Converting a chat into a Sales opportunity 

For salespeople being able to create a customer opportunity is a pivotal part of any sales process and more often than not an opportunity is built based on an initial conversation.  With this in mind, Teams users are able to build an opportunity from where the initial conversation took place. 

When you start the process of building a workflow by clicking on the “for a selected message” triggeranyone in your team will be able to create a Sales opportunity simply by hitting the “...” on the right side of a message and hitting the “Create Sales Opportunity” option. All you have to do then is fill in the custom form and the information is automatically added to your CRM. 

Example 2 for Project Management Teams: Tracking project information where your team works 

By having a continuous conversation will help to ensure that projects are progressing faster & more often than not projects will need us to keep lists – whether that be project status, materials required or a plan for an event. 

This is where Microsoft SharePoint lists come in handy as they can easily collate information and different file types for both you and your team. Better still, Teams users are now able to add content to their SharePoint lists straight from the chat with the new Power Automate trigger. After you have setup the flow, users can simply add vital data to their list directly from within a chat – an example of this could be to signify that a project milestone has been met. 

Example 3 for any Team within your business: Following up on pivotal conversations 

Given how busy are working lives are on a day to day basis, sometimes you get an important message but can’t answer it straight away as you are about to go into a meeting or right in the middle of something else. No need to worry as now you are able to put a reminder in to follow up on that important message from a colleague later in the day, depending on what your schedule is like or after you have completed that other important piece of work. 

By creating a straightforward “follow-up” flow will make it easier for anyone on the team to create a custom message reminder by hitting the “...” on the right-hand side of the message and stating exactly when they want to be reminded. After this has been setup, the Flow bot will provide a reminder along with a link to the message right in Teams. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is looking to transform the way you work by implementing Microsoft Teams & Microsoft Power Automatelooking to get a Dynamics 365 CRM solution implemented to include these two products or looking for some extra CRM consultancy then please give our team of experts a call today to discuss your specific business needs. 

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