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5 newly released improvements for Microsoft Teams

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic continuing to impact on the day to day activities of many businesses and with the increased dependency on remote working, the need for Microsoft Teams to be constantly evolving has even more importance. 

With this in mind, in our latest blog article, we provide you with 5 of the latest improvements that have been released for Microsoft Teams. 

Letting attendees who dial in bypass the meeting room 

This latest improvement makes it easy for callers to automatically join your next Teams meeting without having to wait. The good thing about this is the fact that you don’t need to stop in the middle of your meeting to allow attendees in. 

To enable this setting, simply go to ‘Meeting options’ and then slide the toggle to say ‘Yes’ for ‘Always let callers bypass the lobby?’. 

Ability to announce when callers enter a meeting 

This cool improvement provides meeting organisers with the ability to announce when callers both join or exit a Teams meeting which allows you to know exactly who is in your meeting. 

To do this, select ‘Meeting options’ and then slide the toggle ‘on’ for ‘Announce when callers join or leave’. 

Stop the meeting for everyone 

This fantastic improvement gives meeting organisers the power to end meetings for all attendees. 

To be able to end an in-progress meeting, simply navigate to your meeting controls and hit the ‘More options ***’ followed by ‘End Meeting’. You will see that you will be asked to confirm this action, after you have done this it will stop the meeting straight away. 

Improvements to the Teams calendar 

You can easily right-click an item in your calendar which will provide you with RSVP options, the ability to start a chat with meeting participants or quickly jump into a meeting when it begins. 

Work offline in the Windows desktop app 

This improvement allows you to read and create a message, even if you are not connected to the internet at the time. Also, you will find that pinned chats & channels as well as previously viewed channels will still be accessible while offline. 

Next Steps? 

If you are looking to get started with Microsoft Teams to take advantage of the above improvements then please get in touch with our team of IT experts today to discuss all the available options including tailored remote working adoption. 

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