The Advantage Edge

Advantage are one of the only Microsoft Gold Partners that can provide CRM, ERP and IT Managed Services all under one roof, allowing us to understand your business to a depth no other partner can, resulting in a complete digital transformation that future proofs your business…this is The Advantage Edge.

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The Problems with Separate Service Providers

When your CRM, ERP & IT Managed Services are managed by different partners you come across the following:

  • Complicated communications due to multiple points of contact  
  • Conflicts of interest between different suppliers  
  • A pass the buck mentality and a lack of ownership of problems 
  • Slower performance and higher operational costs 
  • Lack of technical skills to integrate products successfully  
  • Extra costs and barriers to integration 


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The Advantage Edge

The Advantage Edge allows you to remove the problems and reap the benefits of having all of your solutions under one roof.

Our Offering

Smart CRM Solutions

A Dynamics 365 solution is the best in class CRM system that can be modified to your specific business needs, industry and shaped to optimise your processes.

Intelligent ERP Solutions

Based on your unique business requirements, you can choose the ERP most suited for you:

a Dynamics GP solution, a Dynamics NAV solution or a Dynamics 365 Business Central solution

Managed Services and IT Support

Whether it's on premise IT support, migration to the cloud or end-to-end IT solutions, Advantage offers bespoke support for your business needs. Our services include:

- IT project support and consulting

- Cloud solutions and integration

- Microsoft SharePoint implementation to centralise your documents

- Office 365 implementation for powerful collaboration

- High capacity internet solutions and connectivity

- Security solutions and safeguarding

- Cyber security certification and upskilling

- GDPR compliance and support

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How can the Advantage Edge benefit your business?

The Advantage Edge allows your business to benefit from having all of your solutions under one roof, which will give you the following: 

  • A single point of contact & support for all of your services & systems  
  • Lower total costs of ownership, labour & operations  
  • Allows you more time for strategic vision activities & avoidance of repetitive basic tasks  
  • Proactive disaster spotting & system monitoring 
  • Fast response times 
  • Proactive & dedicated account managers 
  • Continual adaption to new process as your business grows or changes  
  • All of your product training from one provider 
  • Named Technical consultant & monthly Technical consultant access 
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