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6 exciting bits of functionality heading to Microsoft Teams in the Summer of 2023

As we all know, Microsoft Teams is constantly evolving with new bits of functionality being added to the platform all the time and this Summer is no different. 

In our latest blog article, we will take you through 6 exciting bits of new functionality that will be heading to Microsoft Teams in the Summer of 2023. 

Faster loading times for the Teams Application 

Microsoft has stated that it will soon be launching a faster version of Microsoft Teams with the rollout to start with Windows users. 

Furthermore, Microsoft went onto to add that the new version will be twice as quick and require over 50% less memory and up to 70% less disk space compared to its current application. 

In addition to this, it will also launch three times quicker, enabling users to quickly move between chats and channels in double quick time over the Classic Teams version. 

Schedule out chat messages for Microsoft Teams 

This latest bit of functionality means that if you want to send a message in chat but are not keen to send it right away, you are now able to schedule it to go out at a certain time and date that enables you to respect working hours and location times. Being able to send this message whenever you need it to be delivered gives you full control over the messages that you send out. 

Build offline meetings in Microsoft Teams 

You will soon find that Microsoft is removing chat threads or other Teams online meeting artifacts from offline events when users make the decision to switch off the online option when going to create events for personal appointments and other actions. 

Intelligent Meeting Recap 

You will find that this exciting piece of functionality will come as standard with Teams Premium and will utilise AI to enable you to record and look back over transcripts as well as allowing you to record browsing by both speakers and topics. Taking this one step further, Microsoft has also stated that users will also have full access to AI-generated meeting notes, action items as well mentions. 

New chat and channel search experience 

Microsoft will make accelerated improvements to the overall search experience for both chats and channels. Some of these improvements include the use of a search panel on the right, a new ‘Find in channel’ option as well as both improved result captioning and highlighting. 

PowerPoint Live Annotations available inside Microsoft Teams 

Another game-changing new bit of functionality for Teams live meetings is the use of the annotations in PowerPoint live. You will find that following this update, the ‘in control’ presenter will have the ability to use new annotations tools. Furthermore, this will allow the presenters to express themselves more and to add additional content where necessary, thus making the session much more engaging for the listeners who may feel that they are looking at a static screen too much. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that is currently using Office 365 but want to get up & running on Microsoft Teams or require some additional Teams training then get in touch with our team of Microsoft 365 experts today to discuss exactly what you need. 

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