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Is AI a true game changer for managed service providers?

If you hadn’t already noticed, AI has become part of our daily lives whether we like it or not. 

AI is at the heart of modern lifestyles and in the technology that we make use of daily. It is on hand to make writing and responding to emails a dream, hook up employees to LinkedIn advertised jobs as well to operate website chatbots. 

More often than not when you visit a website, if you aren’t able to speak to a person, there is usually a click to chat function available. From this, you are likely to see automated questions which you will need to reply to – this is AI in a nutshell. 

So, for the purpose of this blog article, we will need to answer the following ‘is AI a true game changer for managed service providers?’. 

ChatGPT has entered the ring 

ChatGPT is a name you are likely to have heard of when it comes to Artificial Intelligence and if used in the best way possible could be a true game changer for managed service providers. You will find that these technologies will get better and better as time goes on.  

Right before we get into this further, it is important to understand that AI will not be used to replace employees in managed service providers! If used in the right way, it will be easy to make things much simpler and give people using the managed service provider a better overall experience. 

With the above mind, you may be questioning how ChatGPT will ever work in a better way than interacting with a human and resolving the problem. However, it is important to understand that the real issue isn't the human on the phone, the issue comes with the time that is spent on going through the whole process from start to finish. 

To put this into context in the form of an example, if you have an IT issue you will pick up the phone and call the service desk of your managed service provider. The technical support team will try to understand your problem, diagnose it, and take you through some logical steps first which you have completed. You will notice that there is an awful lot of time wasted during this process and time costs money, why be on a phone resolving an issue for hours when it could be resolved quickly within minutes? 

A powerful resource of knowledge 

It goes without saying but managed service providers hold a powerful amount of knowledge which can help their customers. If combined with something like ChatGPT, they can build up a useful resource of answers to commonly asked questions to speed up the whole support process. 

This means that problems can be quickly identified and resolved without users even having to talk to one of your IT team. Furthermore, this will also enable your IT team to escalate issues quickly and identify the problems caused as users will be armed with the knowledge and suggestions for resolutions that have been provided by AI. 

What will happen in the future? 

There is an opportunity here for more and more managed service providers to use ChatGPT technology intelligently to build a powerful knowledge hub which can help to speed up, diagnose and resolve several IT system issues. 

Next Steps? 

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