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Case Study: Critical network issue solved with IT Audit


Kiddi Caru is part of The Childcare Corporation, a UK based organisation with a national reach. They own and run a chain of premium nurseries; designed to provide high quality childcare to pre-school children.

Established in 1998, Kiddi Caru has expanded into multiple regions in England. Kiddi Caru pride themselves on strategically aligning their core business principles to ethical and high quality nursery provision. Their personal and dedicated approach to childcare has led them to become one of the leading nursery chains in the UK.

The challenges they faced

In 2015 Kiddi Caru was without a Managed IT Services provider and seeking an experienced hand to guide and manage their IT systems. Lacking the technological understanding and nuances themselves, Kiddi Caru needed help managing their IT as Financial Controller of Kiddi Caru Ian Mackin attributes:

“We’d just migrated to Microsoft Azure to help manage our financials, procurement and payroll. It was going well, but we lacked the expertise and resources internally to manage things. As a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) we don’t have a dedicated IT department to help keep things ticking over. So that’s why we started the search for an experienced and trustworthy IT partner.”

The solution implemented

Their search led them to Advantage Business Systems, an experienced Managed IT Services provider based in the heart of London. Once Ian Mackin and Kiddi Caru got in contact, Advantage conducted a comprehensive audit on the health of Kiddi Caru’s IT networks and infrastructure.

The results of the audit were startling as Advantage’s Managed IT Services Director, Christo van Zyl explains: “When we completed our IT health check, we discovered a fault with Kiddi Caru’s remote access setup in Azure. If left unchecked, it had the potential to cause huge issues for them further down the line.”

van Zyl adds; “We got in touch with Kiddi Caru straight away and advised them of an immediate course of action. Before we knew it, we were onsite with configuring the appropriate Microsoft Azure tunnels to correct this issue.”

Ian Mackin was impressed with the level of service Advantage provided: “We were expecting a routine IT health check when we got the call about the issue with our network and VPN. I was really impressed first of all they found the issue and then acted so quickly to resolve it.”

Looking at the benefits

An IT audit is part of a range of IT Support and IT Consultancy services that Advantage offers to a new customer – something that is often be overlooked by businesses according to Christo van Zyl: “Some organisations don’t place great deal of value on IT audits. In this instance it helped to identify a potentially serious issue that could have had a significant impact on the day to day running of the business.”

Christo added: “It just goes to show that nothing is routine when it comes to your IT. What was supposed to be a preliminary IT check, has helped to highlight a serious problem with their IT systems. It shows the importance of conducting IT audits. They can help to spot issues that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. I certainly am glad I was there to help Ian and Kiddi Caru out.”

Kiddi Caru are now using Advantage for their IT Support. Ian Mackin says: “We have total confidence in their expertise and are more than impressed with their level of service. They are our preferred supplier for Managed Services and IT Support.”

Ian added: “It’s tremendously reassuring for us to have an IT partner like Advantage keeping an eye on our business-critical IT systems. We know that our IT systems and network infrastructure are in good hands, allowing us to focus on continuing to grow our business.”

In summary

Advantage Business Systems, a leading Microsoft Gold Partner recently worked with Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries to augment their existing IT infrastructure in an effort to boost organisational productivity.

Key points:

  • Advantage came on board to provide Managed IT Services & Support to the business
  • IT audit identified a critical network issue
  • Advantage worked fast to resolve the issue with the client