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Comparing and contrasting Microsoft Teams and Google Meet

When analysing which platforms are most suitable for undertaking online collaboration activities, you will find that there are many different options available which can provide you with countless capabilities and features to allow businesses to choose which option will give them what they want for their users. 

To help make this decision easier, in our latest blog article, we will compare two of the hottest collaboration platforms right now: Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. 


Microsoft Teams 

Google Meet 

Monthly Cost 

£3.30 per user per month 

£5 per user per month 

Free trial available 



Video Meeting Features 

Up to 300 attendees 

Noise suppression 

Instant translation (35 languages) 


30 hours meeting length 

Meeting recordings & transcripts 

Custom backgrounds 

Up to 500 attendees 

Noise cancellation 

Meeting recordings 

Live captions 


Live translation (11 languages) 

24 hours meeting length 

Polling & Q&A 

Breakout rooms 

Collaboration Features 

Private channels 

File sharing 

Shared to-do lists 


Polling and Q&A 

Breakout rooms 


1,800 third-party apps including Microsoft 365 tools and solutions for sales, marketing, finance & customer service 

Very limited to just Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Workspace, Zapier & Microsoft Outlook 


Multi-factor authentication 

Data encryption 

Advanced auditing and reporting 

Set attendee privileges 

Two-step verification 

Data encryption 

Anti-hijacking measures 

Advanced protection program 

Meeting codes 


All-in-one collaboration platform with numerous tabs and sections for chat, calendar, calls, files as well as team channels. 

A video conferencing platform with all features accessible using a web browser throughout the meeting to access calls. 


Conclusion – Which one is best for your business?   

It goes without saying but both of the above provide a whole host of exciting features and functionality to allow you to increase productivity and improve efficiency. 

However, it is clear that Microsoft Teams is ahead of Google Meet due to its fully scalable monthly plans, extensive third-party integrations & powerful security capabilities. If you are a business that is looking to grow, then bigger teams who are on the hunt for a collaborative workspace will love Teams’ in-built tools for both team messaging and video conferencing. 

Next Steps? 

If you are a business that has read the above and are wanting to discuss getting Teams implemented, looking at the Microsoft 365 licensing options that include Teams or if you have Teams already & are wanting to have more tailored Teams training then please talk to our fully qualified Teams experts now to discuss exactly what you need. 

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